The Great Debate

Ron was introduced first and had 15 minutes to present his prolife position.

At Home With God

Looking for a way to reach out, a woman from the Midwest contacted a death-row prison ministry and began writing to a man named Durlyn.

TV Ads Offer Help for Sexual Deviates

In Beaumont, Texas, Calvary Baptist Church sponsored TV commercials on the ABC affiliate that offer homosexuals a way out of their deathstyle.

Dominion on Death Row

While Randy was writing his novel Dominion, several people gathered together more than once to pray not only for Randy’s strength and perseverance but for the eternal impact it would have on people’s lives.

Who Qualifies to Be Called Human?

Folks back then said it all started when I moved away from my parents at eighteen. They said I was young and stupid, and was pushed into crazy beliefs because I had no one to guide me. 

Community Banks: An Eternal Investment

If, with $50, you could start a business that would require no extra work on your part but would completely provide for a family in one of the poorest nations on earth, would you do it? Of course!

Life Issues: Distraction from the Great Commission or Part of It?

Over the years I’ve often been told that human life issues, such as abortion and euthanasia, are not what the church of Jesus Christ should be about. I was even told by a seminary student at my church, “These issues distract us from the main thing.”