Self-Esteem: Who Are We, Really?

God does not inflict upon us the psychological battering of the cross in order to leave us in a tormented condition. It is at the cross where we are offered through the gospel the very righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Memorial Rose Garden

The idea for the Memorial Rose Garden was birthed in the hearts of Dave and Audrey Stout after Audrey had visited the National Memorial to the Unborn in Tennessee.

Caste the First Stone

Life in the lower castes: Persecution of Christians in India, a pastor notes, has become common.

My Father's Conversion to Christ

As Nanci, Karina & Angela and I, and my brother Lance, were with him, while I was reading Scripture from Revelation 20-22, Dad went home to be with the Lord.

The True Hero Of The Titanic

As John Harper’s life unfolded, one thing was apparent...he was consumed by the Word of God.

A Sanctity of Life Message

The following are my message notes from the Good Shepherd Community Church services of January 18 and 19, 1997. Pastors and all others communicating on this subject are welcome to use this material.