The Shack: Biblical Discernment Is Key in Evaluating Any Book or Movie

The movie The Shack¸ based on the novel with the same title by Paul Young, will release on March 3. By now you have likely seen previews of the movie. Of course, in what I share below, I’m only speaking about the book—though if the movie is faithful to the book, I would expect it to have some of the same strengths and weaknesses.

Preaching and Living Out the Gospel, Even When It’s Costly

In its broadest sense, with the good news of salvation remaining at the core, the Gospel is a full embodiment of the person and work of Christ in His church, and the full revelation of God’s Word. It is both declaring and living out the whole counsel of God.

When Our Fantasy World Distracts Us from What’s Eternally Real and Important

In this article, Erik Raymond makes some interesting points about how constantly living in a fantasy world can spiritually shipwreck men (by extension, his points apply to women, too).

Time in God’s Word Is Not a Grim Duty

Frank Laubach wrote, "Humble folks often believe that walking with God is above their heads, or that they may 'lose a good time' if they share all their joys with Christ. What a tragic misunderstanding to regard Him as a killer of happiness!"