Will All People Be Equal in Heaven?

There’s no reason to believe we’ll all be equally tall or strong or that we’ll have the same gifts, talents, or intellectual capacities.

Teens Who Choose Life in Unplanned Pregnancies Need Support and Respect, Not Shame

Last month, The New York Times ran a feature story about Maddi Runkles, a high school senior and straight A-student at a private Christian school in Boonsboro, Maryland, who became pregnant. 

Happiness in Jesus Is a Righteous, God-Honoring Desire

The desire for happiness in Jesus is not in opposition to our sanctification; it goes hand in hand with true, humble, Christ-honoring holiness.

Fathers, Your Relationship with Your Kids Is Irreplaceable

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Fatherhood is a huge job, and dads need encouragement that their role in the kids’ lives matters. I recently watched this video highlighting the importance of dads, and absolutely love it.