SLED: A Simple Way to Talk with Those Who Are Prochoice About the Personhood of the Unborn

Every argument for abortion which appeals to a woman’s inconvenience, stress, and financial hardship can be made just as persuasively about her two-month-old, her two-year-old, her teenager, her husband, or her parents. In many cases older children are more expensive and place greater demands on their mother than an unborn child. People immediately recognize those arguments as invalid when it comes to killing older children. So why not the unborn?

Let’s Stop Asking God to Be Our Backseat Driver for Familiar Places—and Let Him Guide Us to New Ones

I really appreciated these insights from Andy Abelein, a young man I love, and who loves Jesus. As you read Andy’s thoughts, I hope you’ll open up your heart and mind and consider what new places and situations God may want to guide you to. And may I do the same!

An Update on David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress Videos

Readers of my blog are likely familiar with the controversy surrounding the undercover videos from The Center for Medical Progress, which I posted about last year. I hope you’ll read today’s blog to get an update on David, who led the investigation, and consider how you can help by continuing to share the truth about Planned Parenthood and the evils of abortion.

One Mom’s Journey into Foster Care

Today’s blog features an article from Jamie C. Jamie and her husband have two biological children, and also provide a safe and loving home for the foster children God has brought into their lives. I think you’ll appreciate what our sister has to share.