The Secret to Finding Joy When Things Don’t Turn Out Like You Hope

Today’s guest post is from author and counselor Pam Vredevelt, related to her new book Empty Arms Journal: A 21-Day Guide for Healing After Pregnancy Loss. Many of you have been personally touched by a pregnancy loss or know someone who has been. Nanci and I have known Pam for many years and deeply respect her. I think you’ll find her perspectives helpful and God-honoring.

Recognizing and Avoiding the Trap of Idolatry

The problem with idols is not that they’re intrinsically wrong. God created wood, stone, and gold, which can be fashioned into heathen idols. Likewise, He created family, friendships, work, music, art, sex, food, drink, and all that we rightly value. But all of these can still become idols—God-substitutes.

The Beyond Suffering Bible: Don’t Miss this Resource!

Several months ago, when I was sent links to large portions of this Bible, I was immediately captivated by it. I was walking with friends of ours in the raw grief of their tragedy, and I found myself reading the Beyond Suffering Bible not only through my eyes but also theirs.

Greg Laurie on How You Can Share the Gospel

To me, there are not many joys comparable to that of leading someone to Christ. It’s thrilling and exhilarating.  May we all continually ask the Lord to give us opportunities to share His “good news of great happiness” (Luke 2:10).