Choosing Thanksgiving for a Stillborn Child’s Life

Stephanie Anderson is part of our staff at Eternal Perspective Ministries. When Steph recently lost her baby Isaiah, after receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 18, Nanci’s and my hearts were deeply touched.

J. I. Packer on Having the “Christmas Spirit” and the “Christian Snob”

I appreciate these challenging words from J. I. Packer about what it means to truly have a God-honoring “Christmas Spirit.”

Heaven Could Never Be Boring

Some imagine that in Heaven we’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go and nothing to do. (Except take an eternal afternoon nap, strum that harp, and polish that gold.) I’ve concluded there’s an unspoken assumption behind this pervasive notion that Heaven will be boring.

The Uniqueness of Giving to Eternal Perspective Ministries

I’ve been asked over the years, “Why don’t you fund Eternal Perspective Ministries through the book royalties, and not receive donations?” It’s a reasonable question, and there are two main answers.