Why Does Everyone Want to Be Happy?

God has written his law on our hearts (see Romans 2:15). There’s compelling evidence he’s also written on our hearts a powerful desire for happiness. In fact, this has been the consensus of theologians throughout church history. 

The Purity Principle, Reader Responses, and the Joyful Rewards of Sexual Purity

Our failure to follow the teachings of Scripture in the area of sexual purity undermines our ability to accomplish what God has called us to. Why? Because if we’re just like the world, we have nothing to offer it. An unholy world will never be won to Christ by an unholy church.

Grateful for the Wait

God “has set a day when he will judge the world with justice” (Acts 17:31). But why a future day of judgment?

Ray Ortlund, Sr.’s Example of All-Out, Risk-Taking, Happy Enthusiasm for Christ

When I was a young believer I was significantly influenced by Ray and Anne Ortlund.