3 Things to Remember Before You Post on Social Media

Three years ago we shared the original version of my daughter Angela’s article on social media, and it was one of the most popular posts we’ve ever had. She’s since revised and expanded her post into a two-part series. Since the expanded version is every bit as relevant and helpful as the original, I wanted to share it with you. In part one, Angie encourages us to stop and think about what we’re posting on social media.

Creativity, Theology, the New Earth, and This Year’s Canvas Conference (It’s Not Too Late to Register!)

I highly recommend you attend or send someone to the Canvas Conference coming up August 11-12, in Portland, Oregon. I spoke at last year’s conference, and it was incredibly refreshing to see young creatives assemble in a place where God was exalted, sound doctrine elevated, and the local church uplifted. 

Does Talking About Treasures in Heaven Encourage Legalistic Living?

Christ, our greatest Treasure, is also our great rewarder. He said, “For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done” (Matthew 16:27). 

Jon Bloom on You Become What You Eat

This blog by my friend Jon Bloom is one of those that I resonated with from start to finish. Hope you enjoy it, and take it to heart. In these days in which we live, it is so true, so relevant, and so important for all of us.