Should Christians Avoid Business or Personal Connections with the Marijuana Industry?

Recently, a strong Christian friend, who owns a business here in my home state of Oregon, asked my opinion about his doing work that would either directly or indirectly facilitate the legal growing and selling of marijuana. I’m sharing my edited response to him because this is a subject that is relevant for many, and will only become increasingly so as more states legalize marijuana.

God’s Revealed Truth Is Something We Discover, Not Invent

I know some people, including a few old friends, who say they are still following Jesus, but are walking away from God’s truth. My heart is heavy for them. It’s easy for all of us to distance ourselves from some truths, especially when it means we can fly underneath the culture's radar and avoid becoming a target. 

Under Grace, Not Sin

While the Christian life is certainly fraught with temptations and struggles, Christ’s work on our behalf is sufficient to give us victory over sin so it does not master us.

How Should We Approach Debt?

Why do I receive mailings telling me that $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 has already been approved for me and to receive it I need only send in the enclosed agreement? Why do banks and credit companies beg me to borrow from them, listing dozens of ways I could use the money? Why are people so anxious to lend me money? The answer is simple—they want me to borrow because they will make a lot of money from my debt.