Does It Matter Whether We Know If a Fetus Is a Person or Not? Peter Kreeft’s Logical Analysis of Abortion Rights

When we apply logic to abortion advocates’ arguments and claims, we can see how they break down. What we’re left with is the obvious truth that abortion kills a living person.

A Win-Win Way to Support Your Favorite Ministries, and Lower Your Taxable Income

Those of you who have stocks may find the following information about a unique way to give to ministries interesting. My thanks to my friend, novelist Athol Dickson, for sharing this.

Holiness and Happiness: Randy Alcorn’s Journey of Transformation and Joy

"I think probably the single greatest thing that I sensed in my conversion was a deep-seated happiness that God was real and joy-giving, and now I was experiencing what I had always longed for."

Addressing the Problem of Evil and Suffering in a Moral Philosophy Class

Having grown up in a non-Christian home, and still vividly remembering my unbelief as a young teenager, I’m convinced that Christianity’s explanation of why evil and suffering exist beats that of any other worldview.