A Win-Win Way to Support Your Favorite Ministries, and Lower Your Taxable Income

Those of you who have stocks may find the following information about a unique way to give to ministries interesting. My thanks to my friend, novelist Athol Dickson, for sharing this.

Holiness and Happiness: Randy Alcorn’s Journey of Transformation and Joy

"I think probably the single greatest thing that I sensed in my conversion was a deep-seated happiness that God was real and joy-giving, and now I was experiencing what I had always longed for."

Addressing the Problem of Evil and Suffering in a Moral Philosophy Class

Having grown up in a non-Christian home, and still vividly remembering my unbelief as a young teenager, I’m convinced that Christianity’s explanation of why evil and suffering exist beats that of any other worldview.

Ray Ortlund on What Makes a Gospel-Centered Church

I deeply appreciate Raymond C. Ortlund Jr., just as I did his father and mother, who I’ve mentioned before. I have really enjoyed Ray’s powerful little book, The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ, which I would highly recommend to anyone desiring to start or help refocus a church on the Gospel.