Are You Looking for Satisfaction in All the Wrong Places?

September 12, 2016
My son-in-law Dan Stump, married to my youngest daughter Angela, recently preached a great sermon on this passage in Jeremiah 2. I was there when he preached it and went back to listen to it again because it really spoke to me.

Can God Forgive Abortions?

December 1, 2007
If you’re a woman who’s had an abortion, or advised another to have one, this article is for you. If you’re a man who’s been involved in an abortion decision—whether it concerned your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or anyone it’s also for you.

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The Shack: Biblical Discernment Is Key in Evaluating Any Book or Movie

February 20, 2017
The movie The Shack¸ based on the novel with the same title by Paul Young, will release on March 3. By now you have likely seen previews of the movie. Of course, in what I share below, I’m only speaking about the book—though if the movie is faithful to the book, I would expect it to have some of the same strengths and weaknesses.