A Beautiful Bible

September 26, 2013
A man working with one of our ministry partners in the Middle East recently attended a men’s conference in a closed country, and shared this video with us. He writes, “While I was at the conference, I was again deeply encouraged by how God is working. And I was moved to see the deep hunger to study God's word. As I sat next to one young leader during a discussion, I noticed his Bible. It is perhaps the most beautiful Bible I've seen. I took a short video which I have attached here for you... It’s just a few seconds long and I believe you'll be encouraged to see it.” Learn more about this ministry at

Eternity Set in Our Hearts

June 8, 2015
Look around you at all those people walking the streets, working in offices, standing in lines, sitting in restaurants. They search for something, anything, to fill the raging emptiness within. Their instincts tell them “something’s missing, there has to be more.” And they’re absolutely right. Something is missing.

El Problema del Analfabetismo Bíblico (The Problem of Biblical Illiteracy)

September 14, 2016
Podría decirse que el analfabetismo bíblico de los cristianos está en su punto más alto, y es difícil exagerar sus escalofriantes consecuencias. Sé que en la iglesia diversas cosas cambiarán inevitablemente —por ejemplo, las nuevas formas que adoptan las canciones y los himnos—, y está bien. Lo que no está bien es que el pueblo de Dios descuide la Palabra de Él.

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