Having a Jesus Heart for Children

March 30, 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Needham and her husband, Christian singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham. I appreciate what Kelly has to share in this article, as she thoughtfully challenges us to be like our Savior in our attitudes toward children.

If I Have Enough Faith, Will God Heal Me?

May 19, 2017
No one has greater credibility to speak on this subject than Joni Eareckson Tada, who in July will mark the 50th anniversary of the accident that left her a quadriplegic. 

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Jon Bloom on You Become What You Eat

July 17, 2017
This blog by my friend Jon Bloom is one of those that I resonated with from start to finish. Hope you enjoy it, and take it to heart. In these days in which we live, it is so true, so relevant, and so important for all of us.

Help Relieve Theological Famine in East Africa

July 14, 2017
Many African pastors are in desperate need of resources that can train them in biblical doctrine. As you read about the need in East Africa, and how you can help, I encourage you to consider giving generously to this project, which I believe will have a ripple effect for decades to come.