Confiar em Deus Quando a Dor Parece Sem Sentido (Trusting God When the Pain Seems Pointless)

Escrevi nove romances. Suponha que você pudesse entrevistar os personagens dos meus livros. Se perguntasse a eles "você gostaria de sofrer menos?", tenho certeza de que eles responderiam "sim!" Eu me identifico com meus personagens. Mas, como o autor, sei que, no final, todo o sofrimento deles valerá a pena, já que é fundamental para o seu crescimento e para a história redentora.

How Do Most People Respond to What You’ve Written About Happiness?

I find that most Christians are surprised but open to these ideas about happiness, including that God is a happy God and offers us His own happiness. Yet some remain doggedly determined to believe and teach that God doesn’t want His children happy and happiness is inherently wrong. This is so strange, because what loving father doesn’t want his children full of joy and happiness, in the right sense? 

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Nick Foles and Case Keenum, NFL Brothers Who Love Jesus and Are Starting Quarterbacks in Sunday’s NFC Championship

There are many Christ-followers in the NFL, more than most people are aware. Through the ministry of Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO), in the past few years I’ve been able to speak to and meet hundreds of them, and develop personal relationship with several dozen. Of the many fine young men I’ve gotten to know, quarterbacks Nick Foles and Case Keenum stand out as two of those most serious in their Christian faith, and most diligent in their personal Bible study.

Did the Jews Expect Messiah Would Be God?

Question from a Reader:

I’m studying the book of Luke. I know that the Jews were expecting a Messiah that was king, deliverer, etc., but did they also expect a Messiah that was actually God? Are there any Old Testament prophecies that mention that?