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To “Live and Die Serving and Honoring the Lord Jesus”: Missionary John G. Paton

By Randy Alcorn | July 27, 2016
John G. Paton (1824-1907) served as a missionary in the South Pacific’s New Hebrides islands. As a successful young Scottish preacher, Paton determined to leave Glasgow to minister to this unreached people group. But most of his Christian friends urged him to do something more sensible with his life.

Looking Ahead to the Likelihood of Increased Persecution in America

By Randy Alcorn | July 25, 2016
God will use persecution, as He always has, to thereby strengthen His church and extend the Gospel message, not destroy it. Persecution in America will probably never be as extreme as it has been in countless places throughout church history and as it is around the world today.

Should Christians Be Spiritual Enough to Not Love God’s Created World?

By Randy Alcorn | July 22, 2016
Shouldn’t we embrace the true biblical teaching of the resurrection and the New Earth and let ourselves and our children be excited about them? First, because it’s true, but with the added plus that it’s wonderful, so much better than we could ever have imagined!

Is Joy Unemotional, and Is It More Spiritual Than Happiness?

By Randy Alcorn | July 20, 2016
I googled “define joy,” and the first result was this dictionary definition: “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” This definition harmonizes with other dictionaries and ordinary conversations, yet it contradicts countless Christian books and sermons. The church’s misguided distinction between joy and happiness has twisted the words.

Facing Fear with Faith

By Randy Alcorn | July 18, 2016
Whether you suffer from specific phobias, a chronic fear of harm or death to yourself or loved ones, or any other fear, here are some suggestions for handling them.

Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters in Russia, As They’re Losing Their Liberties

By Randy Alcorn | July 15, 2016
WORLD reports that "Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law an 'anti-terror' package that includes measures eviscerating religious freedom. The new law requires government permits to preach and teach the gospel, and restricts evangelism essentially to registered church building sites."

Matt Chandler’s Challenge to Men

By Randy Alcorn | July 13, 2016
One of my deepest concerns is to see men, young men in particular, who have become increasingly content with doing little in life, sometimes resulting in their wives becoming their caregiver and provider and, effectively, the sole parent of their children.

Shining Christ’s Light in a Dark World

By Randy Alcorn | July 8, 2016
In a dark world, our hearts are cheered by seeing light wherever it appears. Often light is embodied in a Jesus-follower, in whom we see a secondary reflection of Jesus, who is the Primary, the Light of the world.