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A 12-Year-Old Reviews My Graphic Novel, Eternity

Katy WilliamsCheck out the following review of my graphic novel Eternity by 12-year-old Katy Williams, who I’m told writes her own blog, including book reviews, by herself, without assistance from adults. (In fact, since nearly everything I write gets edited, I get more assistance from adults than she does!)

Through Heaven's Doorway

Open DoorwayWhen five-year-old Emily Kimball was hospitalized and heard she was going to die, she started to cry. Even though she loved Jesus and wanted to be with him, she didn’t want to leave her family behind. Then her mother had an inspired idea. She asked Emily to step through a doorway into another room, and she closed the door behind her. 

Where Do We Find the Motivation to Invest Eternally?

Hands holding coins and growth / Motivation to Invest Eternally?Jesus does not say, “Store up for God treasures in heaven”; he said, “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:20, NIV). This may sound selfish, but it is Christ’s command to us, so we should eagerly obey it. Christ’s promise of eternal rewards for our present stewardship choices gives the believer an incentive to do what the Philippian Christians did in giving to Paul’s missionary work—withdrawing funds from their earthly accounts to deposit them into ventures with eternal value.


Is It Unloving to Speak of Hell?

Road / Is it unloving to speak of hell?If you were giving some friends directions to Denver and you knew that one road led there but a second road ended at a sharp cliff around a blind corner, would you talk only about the safe road? No. You would tell them about both, especially if you knew that the road to destruction was wider and more traveled. In fact, it would be terribly unloving not to warn them about that other road.


Raising Daughters Who Will Attract and Recognize the Right Kind of Men

Randy with daughters Karina and AngelaMy wife Nanci and I raised two daughters whom I respect deeply. What a joy and privilege to have entrusted our precious daughters to the lifelong care of two godly men who seek to honor our Lord Jesus.

In this blog, Jen Wilkin shares some excellent thoughts on raising daughters who will attract the right kind of men.

Remembering Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in North Korea

Asian girl praying"We Western Christians are tempted or deceived into confusing God with Mammon, and freedom of religion with freedom in Christ. North Korean Christians see daily the stark difference between the One True God and every counterfeit. They talk of a freedom that can’t be taken away, even inside a concentration camp." —Eric Foley, Seoul USA

Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the FrontI recently viewed two episodes of “Dispatches from the Front,” a DVD series produced by Frontline Missions and thought they were excellent. These documentaries show our brothers and sisters in Christ at work in remote and dangerous places of the world.

Forsaken Faith

College campusThe percentage of college students today who grow up in Christian homes and later turn their backs on Christ is stunning, almost beyond belief. I believe it’s vital that parents and church leaders understand some of the major reasons behind this trend—and know what they can do now to help their children prepare for the challenges ahead.


Thinking of Retirement as the Next Opportunity to Serve Christ

If we are going to make Christ look glorious in the last years of our lives, we must be satisfied in him. - John PiperWhen it comes to the “retirement dream,” we must ask, “Whose dream is it?” It may be the American dream—but is it God’s?

How should we view and respond to people of different religions?

woman in EgyptFirst of all, we view them as created in the image of God, valuable, precious in God’s sight, and therefore they should be precious in our sight. We should treat everyone with respect.


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