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Heaven Is for Real, the Movie

Heaven Is for Real movie, Todd and Colton BurpoSince I’ve written a book on what the Bible says about Heaven (though I’ve never been there), I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the Heaven Is for Real book, and now the movie.

G. K. Chesterton on the Resurrection

Jesus is risen / photo credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC via photopin ccThe physical resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of redemption—both for mankind and for the earth. Indeed, without Christ’s resurrection and what it means—an eternal future for fully restored human beings dwelling on a fully restored Earth—there is no Christianity.

Ron DiCianni’s Reflections on the Resurrection

Ron DiCianni's resurrection mural

Artist Ron DiCianni is a good friend who I first met at the Christian Bookseller’s Convention (now called ICRS), probably twenty years ago. Ron had filled me in over the years on the resurrection mural he’s worked so hard on. I just saw this great video, which really captures the Easter mood in a very unique way as he explains the components of his fantastic painting. This is truly worth watching.

The Panda, One of God’s Creatures

PandaGod says He reveals His attributes in His creation. Check out and enjoy just one of thousands of His creatures—the Panda. 

His Strength and Grace in Our Weakness

Man at the Ocean / His Strength and Grace in WeaknessAs a young pastor I loved God sincerely; but like my tavern-owner father, I was independent, self-sufficient, and prone to do things on my own. Christ’s words, “Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5), rang true—but I did a lot of things without drawing on his strength.

Meteor Showers and the New Heavens

Watching the night sky | photo credit: j-dub1980(THANK YOU FOR 100k+ Views) via photopin ccAt 2:30 a.m., on November 19, 2002, I stood on our deck gazing up at the night sky. Above me was the Leonid meteor shower, the finest display of celestial fireworks until the year 2096. For someone who has enjoyed meteor showers since he was a kid, this was the celestial event of a lifetime. There was only one problem: clouds covered the Oregon sky.

The Law of Love

Reaching Hand / Law of LoveWhile Scripture does not address every given situation in any place and time, Jesus does give us a twofold guiding ethical principle that can be applied in every situation. Love God with abandonment, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. That central principle is the very heart and soul of Scripture.

Living for What Will Matter Thirty Million Years from Now

Live for the Line

Your life on earth is a dot. From that dot extends a line that goes on for all eternity. Right now you’re living in the dot. But what are you living for? Are you living for the dot or for the line? Are you living for earth or for heaven?

What about Life Insurance?

Padlock security / What about life insurance?Having enough insurance to be responsible is one thing. But playing God by factoring in every conceivable future scenario, and thereby overinsuring, is another.


Shaping Our Words after His

Microphone / Shaping Our Words after HisIf we want our words to have lasting value and impact, they need to be touched and shaped by God’s words. 

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