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Faithful Until the End

Faithful Until the End

The world should be able to look at a husband’s love for his wife and see what the gospel means, and be drawn to the beauty and power of God’s love for His people. That’s why I love this moving story that Garrett Kell shares about a faithful, gospel-centered marriage.

What’s the Difference between the Present Heaven and the Future Heaven?

Water skyLife in the present Heaven (which theologians call the “intermediate” Heaven) is “better by far” than living here on Earth under the curse (Phil. 1:23). But it’s not our final destination.

If We Expect We Won’t Be Persecuted for Our Faith, We Need to Readjust Our Expectations

Church, skyAs Americans we’ve been slow to accept the extent to which Bible-believing Christ-followers have become socially unacceptable. Though we should work to hold onto our religious liberties, it’s likely they’ll continue to erode. But cheer up! Opposition is nothing new for God’s people, and historically the church’s greatest advances have come at the lowest ebb of its popularity.

A Young Woman’s Spoken Word, Thanking Her Mother for Her Courageous Choice

Baby feetI recently received an email from a precious young woman named Mayra. She writes, “I was adopted from Mexico, and when I received Christ, He helped me understand my root of rebellion. I felt rejected all my life. But He provided a healing that was unexplainable."

C . S. Lewis, The Romantic Rationalist, and Longing for the New Earth

C. S. Lewis, The Romantic RationalistIn Mere Christianity Lewis lamented that we haven’t been trained to want Heaven: "Our whole education tends to fix our minds on this world. …when the real want for Heaven is present in us, we do not recognize it. Most people, if they had really learned to look into their own hearts, would know that they do want, and want acutely, something that cannot be had in this world."

Does Open Theism solve the problem of evil and suffering?

Open bookMost proposed solutions to the problem of evil and suffering have been around for a long time, but Open Theism is more recent. Open theists believe that God does not and cannot know in advance the future choices that His free creatures will make. 

What Is the Sabbath?

ChairWhat is the Sabbath and what does it mean for Christians today? EPM’s Julia Stager, with her usual depth and clarity, talks about this in an excellent 5-minute video.

Why You Can Find Hope in Stress

SunOnce we understand that stress is a powerful tool in God's loving hand, we will never look at it the same way again.

An Invitation to Study What Scripture Says about God’s Happiness and Ours

Theology of HappinessI’d like to share more about an upcoming Theology of Happiness course I’ll be teaching June 3-5 at the Portland, Oregon campus of Western Seminary. The course is available for graduate credit, but anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to audit it. 

The Cornerstone of Redemption: Christ’s Physical Resurrection

SunriseThe physical resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of redemption—both for mankind and for the earth. Indeed, without Christ’s resurrection and what it means—an eternal future for fully restored human beings dwelling on a fully restored Earth—there is no Christianity.

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