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The Problem of Plagiarizing by Pastors and Christian Leaders

Hands typingWhile most pastors I know are men of honesty and integrity, it’s a sad truth that the problem of pastors plagiarizing is more wide spread than many realize, especially with the vast amounts of material available on the internet.

Will our new resurrection bodies have new abilities?

RunningOn the one hand, because we’re told in multiple passages that our resurrection bodies will be like Christ’s, it may be possible at times for us to transcend the present laws of physics and/or travel in some way we’re not now capable of. 

Perspectives on College: Blogs from Desiring God

Chalk and eraserFor those just starting college, or returning, this series of video blogs from Desiring God is outstanding. I highly recommend you read and watch them, and that parents and others do the same.

The InterVarsity Situation and Why Inclusivity is Not the Greatest Good

InterVarsity studentsThis school year the California State University system is enacting a non-discrimination policy for all student organizations. This non-discrimination policy prohibits faith-based student organizations from requiring students to be of that faith to hold a leadership position.

The Cross Is Central

Three Crosses in a FieldOn the cross Jesus suffered the worst pain in history. Yet that event will forever remain at the center of our worship and wonder. Everything before the Cross points forward to it. Everything since the Cross points back to it. Everything that will last was purchased on it. Everything that matters hinges on it.

Why you’re probably not seeing my Facebook posts, even though you’re a friend or follower

Have you liked my page but aren't seeing the posts?Those of you who are active on Facebook may or may not realize that even if you’ve “liked” a certain Facebook page, chances are that over time, you’re not seeing many (if any at all) of the posts from that page in your home feed.

Can it be Heaven if people are aware of anything bad on Earth?

Red LeavesMany maintain that those in Heaven cannot be aware of people and events on Earth because they would be made unhappy by all the suffering and evil; thus, Heaven would not truly be Heaven. I believe this argument is invalid.

The Cranky Code

Stormy skyIn their book Getting Anger Under Control, Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller share what author and speaker C. Leslie Charles dubs “The Cranky Code,” which she suggests is the belief system of our angry, self-centered society.

What languages will we speak in Heaven?

ConversationRevelation 7:10 says, “They cried out in a loud voice.” This singular “voice” implies a shared language. This could be a trade language, Heaven’s equivalent to Swahili or English, second languages that many know in addition to their native languages, allowing them to communicate. Or the common language could be our primary one.


We Need a Fresh Appreciation of the Gospel’s Magnificence

Child watching the JESUS FilmI have seen firsthand people watching the JESUS Film for the first time, in their own languages, viewing Jesus with awe and wonder and affection, then crying out in agony when He is tortured and crucified, and weeping uncontrollably at the gospel story. Why do most of us no longer respond that way? 

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