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My latest novel, Deception (and various digressions)

By Randy Alcorn | July 5, 2007
Deception is a first person murder mystery told by wisecracking and lovable homicide detective Ollie Chandler. It was a fun book to write, though it took a lot of time and effort.

God Rejoices Over Us with Singing

By Randy Alcorn | June 30, 2007
George Mueller once said something like this (not verbatim, but this is its essence): “I read Scripture until I come to a verse that can bear my whole weight, and then I stop and ponder it.” That happened to me yesterday, and today I am pondering the same verse. But first, the background, so you’ll know why I’ve found such comfort in it.

Wait Until Then

By Randy Alcorn | June 26, 2007
Wait Until Then, a thirty-two page big format picture book, was published in February 2007 (now out of print). It’s a very short story, only two thousand words, about a boy who loves baseball, and his grandfather who played one year for the Boston Red Sox with Ted Williams.

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

By Randy Alcorn | June 19, 2007
Understand how quickly your life will pass. And if God gives you another thirty years here, live them in such a way so that when you receive an invitation to your church’s 30-year reunion, you will want to come instead of stay away.

There Is a God

By Randy Alcorn | June 12, 2007
“There is a God,” Portland Trailblazer head coach Nate McMillan said when Portland won the NBA draft lottery, giving our city the number one pick. It’s an understatement to say that event dominated news coverage here. Had Philadelphia been vaporized by aliens, it might have made page three.