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3 Things to Remember Before You Post on Social Media

By Angela (Alcorn) Stump | July 24, 2017
Three years ago we shared the original version of my daughter Angela’s article on social media, and it was one of the most popular posts we’ve ever had. She’s since revised and expanded her post into a two-part series. Since the expanded version is every bit as relevant and helpful as the original, I wanted to share it with you. In part one, Angie encourages us to stop and think about what we’re posting on social media.

Jon Bloom on You Become What You Eat

By Jon Bloom | July 17, 2017
This blog by my friend Jon Bloom is one of those that I resonated with from start to finish. Hope you enjoy it, and take it to heart. In these days in which we live, it is so true, so relevant, and so important for all of us.

Help Relieve Theological Famine in East Africa

By Randy Alcorn | July 14, 2017
Many African pastors are in desperate need of resources that can train them in biblical doctrine. As you read about the need in East Africa, and how you can help, I encourage you to consider giving generously to this project, which I believe will have a ripple effect for decades to come.

Was Jesus Capable of Sinning?

By Randy Alcorn | July 12, 2017
Since Jesus is God He cannot be tempted by evil, yet He has been tempted in every way we are (and surely we are tempted by evil!). This is one of many paradoxes in Scripture. 

Should Christians Attend Gay Weddings? Does It Matter Whether They’re Religious or Secular?

By Randy Alcorn | July 3, 2017
I have talked with a number of people, including some pastors from good churches, who advocate saying yes to attending homosexual weddings. Their argument centers on the fact that Jesus was and is a friend of sinners and is full of grace. So true. But I have never seen a single wedding invitation to a wedding that doesn’t request people’s presence to join them in celebrating the couple’s union.