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We Need Honest Discussions About Race in the Church

By Randy Alcorn | January 13, 2017
Racial unity is a topic that I’m glad to see more churches in our country addressing. Still, there’s much work to be done. I agree everyone needs Jesus and that makes all the difference. Yet many whites and blacks who do love Jesus with all their hearts feel alienated from each other when they hear one another talk about race.

The Simple, Daily Cultivation of God-Consciousness

By Randy Alcorn | January 11, 2017
We can’t spend time with many of the world’s famous people, but I have a hunch we’d often be disappointed if we could. We can, however, spend time with God daily—hour by hour.

Our Recap of 2016, and Looking Ahead to 2017

By Eternal Perspective Ministries | January 9, 2017
Hope you enjoy the highlights from EPM’s past year. Thank you so much for serving as members of Christ’s body to partner with us in this eternity-shaping ministry!

How Does Understanding God’s Happiness Change Lives?

By Randy Alcorn | January 6, 2017
As much as I believe in the holiness of God, I also believe in emphasizing God’s happiness as a legitimate and effective way to share the gospel with unbelievers or to help Christians regain a foothold in their faith.

Death: The Last Enemy, and Our Deliverer

By Randy Alcorn | December 30, 2016
On the one hand, the Bible calls death “the last enemy” (1 Corinthians 15:26). On the other hand, for the person whose faith and actions have prepared him for it, death is a deliverer, casting off the burdens of a hostile world and ushering him into the world for which he was made.

What We Can Do to Help Those Suffering in Syria

By Randy Alcorn | December 28, 2016
Many of you have heard and shared about the fighting and bombing in Syria, and specifically in the city of Aleppo. While the hope is that the worst is over, the aftermath of suffering will go on.

God Designed the Human Machine to Run on Himself

By Randy Alcorn | December 26, 2016
Every sin we commit, every shortcoming we display is an attempt to be happy through a God-substitute. Lewis, who spent much of his life trying to find happiness outside God, finally realized he’d been deceiving himself. He wasn’t alone.