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Appreciating the Protection of God’s Laws

By Randy Alcorn | June 19, 2013
When it comes to God’s laws in Scripture, a lot of people wonder about legalism. How can you hold to the truth and still have a spirit of grace?

A Sea Turtle Video

By Randy Alcorn | June 14, 2013
I love sea turtles. Some of my greatest memories are hanging out with turtles while snorkeling or diving. 

The Problem with Christoplatonism

By Randy Alcorn | June 12, 2013
Christoplatonism—there’s a word that you don’t hear every day. It’s actually a word that I made up (probably the only word I’ve ever made up!) and used in my comprehensive Heaven book to speak of the Christianized philosophy of Plato.

Spend Your Day with Eternity in Mind

By Randy Alcorn | June 10, 2013
Missionary Adoniram Judson said this (read these words carefully): "A life once spent is irrevocable. It will remain to be contemplated for eternity."

The Fine Art of Selection

By Randy Alcorn | June 7, 2013
Life consists largely of selection—choosing one alternative over another. Those things we choose are our priorities.

Taking Stock of Your Time

By Randy Alcorn | June 5, 2013
Time management is life management. But we don’t need to save time in order to fill it up with more responsibilities.

The Urgent vs. the Important

By Randy Alcorn | June 3, 2013
Every person’s day is filled with things that are urgent. But if we don’t spend time with the Lord or read to our children or call our parents, life goes on. 

Ways to Connect with Our Ministry Online

By Randy Alcorn | May 29, 2013
Our ministry, EPM, encourages people to live in light of eternity, and one of the ways we seek to do so is by having a presence on several major social media sites.