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Fixing Our Eyes on the Unseen

By Randy Alcorn | October 2, 2013
Even though as Christians we affirm the reality of the spiritual realm, sometimes we succumb to naturalistic assumptions that what we see is real and what we don’t see isn’t. 

Crisis and Tragedy

By Randy Alcorn | September 27, 2013
If you spell God with a capital G you will always spell tragedy with a lowercase t

Does God Purposefully Hurt Us Through Trials?

By Randy Alcorn, Julia (Stager) Mayo | September 25, 2013
When the hard things come upon us, we tend to use them as a way of saying, “This is so bad, that if God really is in charge and He sent this to me—or even just allowed this to come into my life—He’s being cruel to me.” 

Sexual Purity: 16 Things You Need to Know

By Randy Alcorn | September 23, 2013
Water is a gift of God, without which we couldn’t survive. But floods and tidal waves are water out of control, and the effects are devastating. Likewise, God designed sex to exist within certain boundaries.

Fulfilled Hope

By Randy Alcorn | September 18, 2013
Hope is a much stronger word in the Bible than it is for most of us today.