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Seeing Yourself As You Really Are

By Randy Alcorn | August 6, 2012
What I think about myself is important. We all have a self-image. But not all self-images are equally valid.

Choosing Gratitude: A Must Read

By Randy Alcorn | August 3, 2012
Years ago, I determined that I wanted to write a book on the importance of gratitude in the Christian life. But not long ago I read Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book Choosing Gratitude and realized I no longer needed to!

The Master’s Touch: Paintings by Ron DiCianni

By Randy Alcorn | July 27, 2012
I first met artist Ron DiCianni many years ago at the Christian Bookseller’s Convention (now called ICRS). He has become a good friend over the years, and I thank God for a brother who uses his gifts well.

How do you define purity?

By Randy Alcorn | July 23, 2012
The greatest argument for sexual purity is God’s holiness. If we wish to be godly, we must wish to live in sexual purity.