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Campus Crusade's Name Change

CruI so emphatically agree with John piper's assessment of this that I'm quoting his whole blog on it. Do NOT interpret the name change as compromise, but only as good strategy.

Happy 98th Birthday to My Second Grade Teacher

Randy Alcorn's 2nd Grade ClassI want to wish a very special 98th birthday to my second grade teacher, Meredith Johnson, born August 8, 1913.

Ollie Chandler’s Continuing Story?

DeceptionOne of the most frequent questions I get asked on my Facebook page is, “Will there be another Ollie Chandler story, a follow up to Deception?” People want to know what happened to Ollie and if he ever came to know the Lord.

Chinese Persecution: Still a Tragic Reality

WireFor the ten years since I wrote Safely Home, I’ve been regularly asked, “Isn’t persecution of Chinese Christians a thing of the past?” Yes, there are some good developments, including more Christian books being printed in China. I’m grateful for that. But despite the improvements in some areas, where persecution isn’t as bad as it once was, there are still many Chinese Christians who are persecuted.

The Importance of Fathers

Father and daughterFathers are their children’s first pastors—the most influential humans in terms of life direction. Children are shaped by their father’s love or hate, interest or disinterest, presence or absence.

God’s Good Gifts

FlowerI’ve been attending and speaking at the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute at Oxbridge. Yesterday afternoon at one of the seminars, I talked about the problem of evil and suffering. We discussed how EVERY worldview must address this problem and the problem of GOOD as well. And no worldview does this as well as the biblical one.

A Discussion on Living Life to Preempt Regrets

Man against sunset of lifeNot long ago on my Facebook page, I retweeted a quote from John Piper. He wrote, “So much deep, heart-wrenching sorrow of regret among 60 somethings. I plead with you under 40: Preempt this!” A lively discussion followed about what the quote meant and how it applies to our lives. What follows is a portion of that discussion.

Writing Letters to the Suffering

The following moved me deeply. We asked permission to post it. It speaks for itself. My thanks to John Knight, John Piper and Desiring God.

Hand writingPastors, Help Your People: The Ministry of a Letter in Suffering
by John Knight

Pastors, Here's a Scenario

You're a pastor and ‘the call’ comes. One of your families have welcomed a child into the world – and that child is significantly disabled. They are crushed.

Off to the C.S. Lewis Conference

Randy and NanciNanci and I leave today for 12 days in Oxford and Cambridge where I'm teaching at the Oxbridge C. S. Lewis conference. I teach two seminars, one at Oxford and one at Cambridge, that are two afternoons each, plus a plenary session at Cambridge.

Serving Christ and Saving Unborn Lives

BabyI served on the board of the first crisis pregnancy center in the Pacific Northwest back in the 1980s, so the work that Pregnancy Resource Centers across the country (under the umbrella of the national organization, Care Net) are doing to save unborn babies is close to my heart.

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