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Will We Recognize Each Other in Heaven?

By Randy Alcorn | January 27, 2014
When asked if we would recognize friends in Heaven, George MacDonald responded, “Shall we be greater fools in Paradise than we are here?”

A Passion to Know the King of Kings

By Randy Alcorn | January 15, 2014
We tend to be passionate about things that don’t matter, fanatics and fans about what won’t last. But we are afraid to look like fanatics for Jesus. 

Will We Become Angels in Heaven?

By Randy Alcorn | January 10, 2014
Death is a relocation of the same person from one place to another. The place changes, but the person remains the same. 

Real Choices without Consequences?

By Randy Alcorn | January 3, 2014
In this conversation from my novel Deception, Jake and Clarence challenge Ollie’s desire for both freedom to choose and freedom from evil’s consequences.