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Remember Us and Pray for Us: the Persecuted Church

By Tami Yeager | October 12, 2012
My introduction to The Voice of The Martyrs came through a newsletter handed to me in 2003. The stories in this publication disturbed me greatly, yet I was compelled to learn more.

Enjoying Rest, Now and in the Life to Come

By Randy Alcorn | October 8, 2012
It’s ironic that it takes such effort to set aside time for rest, but it does. For me, and for many of us, it’s difficult to guard our schedules, but it’s worth it. 

The Hardest Lesson

By Randy Alcorn | October 5, 2012
When I was seventeen years old and had known Christ for less than two years, I experienced what I believe was a mir­acle. 

Chasing the Wind

By Randy Alcorn | September 28, 2012
The book of Ecclesiastes is the most powerful exposé of materialism ever written. 

Better Than I Deserve

By Randy Alcorn | September 26, 2012
Living by grace means affirming daily our unworthiness. We are never thankful for what we think we deserve. We are deeply thankful for what we know we don’t deserve.

You Can’t Take It with You

By Randy Alcorn | September 21, 2012
A sad news story that powerfully illustrates “you can’t take it with you.” Think of how the treasure could have been used to make a short-term and long-term difference in people’s lives.