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Beauty from Ashes

By Tami Yeager | November 18, 2013
Never underestimate the potential of a seed buried deep within the ashes.

The Power of Perspective

By Randy Alcorn | November 15, 2013
Years ago Nanci and I went on a two-week vacation to California. We left the kids with friends and took off on what was going to be our greatest vacation ever. 

Eternal Hope for the Grieving

By Randy Alcorn | November 8, 2013
Our churches and communities, our nation and our world, are filled with grieving people—numb, broken, bitter or simply exhausted. 

How the Word of God Sets Prisoners Free

By Randy Alcorn | November 6, 2013
I especially loved the video included in this blog because EPM has a heart for seeing prisoners come to Christ and grow in their faith. 

Will We Drink Coffee on the New Earth?

By Randy Alcorn | October 30, 2013
Both Nanci and I love a good cup of coffee. Actually, I like about three good cups of dark, strong coffee—preferably French Roast, with milk.