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Francis Schaeffer on Spiritual Adultery

Francis Schaeffer

Francis Schaeffer was one of three writers (the others being Lewis and Tozer) who influenced me most profoundly when I was a new believer in the early 1970’s. I remember like it was yesterday reading his The Church Before the Watching World, where he said the following.

More on Robertson versus Robertson and Why We Should Speak Up

Robert and Muriel McQuilkin

In last Friday's post, I contrasted Robertson McQuilkin’s dedication to care for his wife Muriel, stricken with Alzheimer’s, to Pat Robertson’s cruel answer to a question regarding a man having an affair that if he’s going to do anything, he should divorce his wife who has Alzheimer’s.

Pat Robertson versus Robertson McQuilkin on Alzheimer’s and Marriage

Pat Robinson

Pat Robertson has said something so stunning, so at odds with the Word of God and the heart of our Savior, that when I heard he had said it I thought he had been misunderstood or misrepresented.

Writing the Courageous novel

In adapting a screenplay into a novel, what’s the author’s major challenge?

The challenge is to be 100 percent true to the movie and yet still develop a compelling part of a larger storyline that’s not in the movie.

A Strategy for Sharing Gospel Literature

If God Is Good bookletsOur EPM office recently received this note, and I think it inadvertently suggests a strategy for reaching people with the gospel.

Justine’s story: “You will always regret an abortion”

JustineI don’t know how many stories like this I’ve heard over the years, but I don’t think we can be too often reminded of what abortion does to women. I’ve talked with women, seen them weep, and have written whole chapters on this (including “Does Abortion Harm a Woman’s Physical and Mental Health?”) in my books Why Pro-Life? and ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments.

Part 2 of my interview with Time Magazine about the Courageous Movie and Novel

Scene from CourageousEvery novelist knows that movies don’t just have plots, they have themes. And in the exploration of those themes there is inevitably a message, whether or not it is carefully crafted. The message may be that life is random, pointless, hopeless, chaotic, cruel, or that it is full of both good and bad, and that even in the bad there can be ultimate purpose and meaning.

The Courageous Movie and Novel (Part 1 of an unused interview with Time Magazine)

Tim NewcombSome months ago I was contacted by Time magazine reporter Tim Newcomb, who asked me a number of questions about the Courageous movie and the novel. Tim’s final article was just published on Time’s online magazine.

Zach Hunter on a Christian Ethic of Social Justice

Zach HunterI know Zach Hunter. I met him and had dinner with him and his mom after a showing of the movie Amazing Grace, that great movie on the life of the Christian parliamentarian William Wilberforce and his success in passing the laws to ban slavery in England.

Why is it so hard for the U.S. Government to pull a plug?

Pull the plugHere is a sad and bewildering commentary that captures in one example the utter inefficiency and sometimes craziness of a government that talks about controlling spending, but never seems to actually do it even when it would appear so easy—as in JUST PULL THE PLUG!

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