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Six Eternal Truths to Remember Each Day

By Randy Alcorn | July 14, 2013
The trend today is to focus not on our eternal future (who cares about the “sweet bye and bye”?) but our present circumstances, as if this world were our home.

Seeing and Fearing God

By Randy Alcorn | July 10, 2013
John Donne wrote, “As he that fears God, fears nothing else. So he that sees God, sees everything else.”

Sharing the Message of Eternity

By Randy Alcorn | July 3, 2013
As I shared in a blog last week, I have a missional perspective on my graphic novel EternityGod has laid on my heart a vision for seeding the book far and wide because it includes a clear gospel presentation.

Should We Seek Approval?

By Randy Alcorn | June 26, 2013
The answer is yes and no, and it depends on whose approval we’re seeking.