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You Can’t Take It with You

By Randy Alcorn | September 21, 2012
A sad news story that powerfully illustrates “you can’t take it with you.” Think of how the treasure could have been used to make a short-term and long-term difference in people’s lives. 

Why We Need the Church

By Randy Alcorn | September 19, 2012
We all know that sometimes things can be difficult in churches. I’ve gone through it, and so have most of you. I experienced it when I was a pastor for fourteen years, and I’ve experienced it in the twenty-two years since.

Get Ready for Christians Going to Jail

By Randy Alcorn | September 10, 2012
Twenty-three years ago when I was going to jail for civil disobedience, a pastor told me he believed Christians shouldn’t go to jail. I told him I thought the day would come when he would go to jail, not for refusing to go along with abortion, but for refusing to go along with homosexuality.

Conception to Birth, Visualized

By Randy Alcorn | August 31, 2012
A mathematician discusses and illustrates the extraordinary process of how a human being is conceived and develops. Fascinating.