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Randy Alcorn's Blog: action international

A Child’s Life-Saving Heart Surgery

ChangpiOne of the ministries EPM supports is Action International. Devendra and Koko Rai work with Action in India, and in November, Devendra sent out a prayer request for the daughter of an Indian pastor.  Changpi (who turned 7 on December 8) was diagnosed with a hole in her heart that created complications in her liver.


The Least of These: Street Children

ChildrenToday we’re launching a new blog series (every few weeks we’ll share a post) that addresses social justice issues that affect the most vulnerable people in the world today. Each blog will focus on a specific, often overlooked, people group in need both physically and spiritually.

God at Work Worldwide

GlobeA few months ago, Doug Nichols, Founder & International Director Emeritus of ACTION International, sent out these statistics on the growth of the church in many places. It's clear that the opportunities for using our financial resources to spread the gospel and strengthen the church all over the world are stronger than they’ve ever been

The Kiss of an Old Godly Man

L. E. MaxwellAs a brand new Christian in 1970, I read every Christian book I could get my hands on. Several, including Born Crucified, were by L. E. Maxwell, who my friend Doug Nichols speaks so fondly of in this reflection. I asked Doug if I could use it in my blog.

Is God calling you to missions in 2010?

missions mapI have the highest regard for the cause of world missions, and the greatest respect for Action International, one of many fine missions groups. While Doug Nichols is making this request, these ten qualities express what many other missions are looking for, too. Ask yourself if you or someone you know fits this profile, and ask God whether He wants you to step out in faith and follow Him to bring Christ to people in another part of the world. 

Children in Crisis Worldwide

Ugandan girlEarlier this year, my friend Doug Nichols, founder and director of ACTION International Ministries, a great missions organization, sent these humbling statistics about needy children worldwide. As you and I pray and consider what to do with our lives and resources, I hope God will use these facts to touch our hearts.

A Life of Humility

Doug  NicholsAfter seeing my recent post about Francis Schaeffer, my friend Doug Nichols, founder and international director emeritus of Action International Ministries, emailed me this story. To me, given my respect for both men, it's priceless. Thanks for sharing it with us, Doug. And thanks for being the same kind of man Francis Schaeffer showed himself to be the night you met him.


Orphanages Can Be Used Greatly by God

My friend Doug Nichols, founder and international director emeritus of ACTION International Ministries, wrote this article about the importance of orphanages, and why we can't just leave street children on the street. He writes:

It is very discouraging to read articles which are basically negative in regards to caring for orphans and street children in orphanages. Of course, a loving home is better than an orphanage, but does that mean we should give up on orphanages altogether? We do realize that there are some unacceptable orphanages in the world, but creating more loving, God-centered orphanages could bring glory to ...

World Evangelism Statistics, and Missions Giving

worldI'm not a big statistics guy, but sometimes statistics can be revealing.

The following statistics are from the book 2020 Vision, by Bill and Amy Stearns.


God’s Grace and Our Sickness, from Doug Nichols and Matthew Henry

Doug and Margaret NicholsMy friend Doug Nichols, pictured above with his wonderful wife Margaret, is the founder of Action International, one of my favorite ministries in the world. If you’re wondering about a worthy missions work to support, I highly recommend Action. (And Doug has a new blog too, http://dougnichols.blogspot.com, which will provide great missions-related info.)

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