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What Does God Think about Animals and Taking Care of Them?

By Randy Alcorn | September 25, 2015
Perhaps because many environmental and animal-rights activists scorn the Bible and Christian beliefs, I believe Christians have often overreacted and ignored our stewardship job description when it comes to animals.

Might Some Animals Talk on the New Earth?

By Randy Alcorn | February 20, 2015
Most people who’ve enjoyed the children’s stories of Beatrix Potter, C. S. Lewis, or others who wrote of talking animals have probably never seriously considered the possibility that some animals might actually have talked in Eden or that they might talk on the New Earth.

Surf Like a Pig

By Randy Alcorn | September 26, 2014
Most people you meet are partial to dogs or cats. Some, as in the case of the man in this video, are even partial to pigs.

The Panda, One of God’s Creatures

By Randy Alcorn | April 11, 2014
God says He reveals His attributes in His creation. Check out and enjoy just one of thousands of His creatures—the Panda. 

Maggie Grace: A Reflection of the Goodness of the God Who Made Her

By Randy Alcorn | March 12, 2012
Recently when we were filming in my office, our Golden retriever Maggie, who is growing more each day, made a guest appearance. Thought I would share it with you. Maggie is a gift from God to Nanci and me. We love dogs in general and this one in particular.

Enjoying Maggie Grace

By Randy Alcorn | January 6, 2012
Nanci and I are enjoying our first week with our new Golden Retriever puppy, Maggie Grace, who is nine weeks old. She’s pretty adorable, so I keep pulling out the camera.

Saying Goodbye to Moses

By Randy Alcorn | December 9, 2011
I shared briefly on Facebook what happened a couple of days ago, but wanted to blog about it now and add quite a few other thoughts and links.