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“Women’s Rights”: the Tragic, Ironic Consequences for Baby Girls

Baby girlIn my book Why Pro-Life?, I write about how one of the ironies of feminism is that by its advocacy of abortion it has endorsed the single greatest means of rob­bing women of their most basic right—the right to life.

The Federal Healthcare Reform Bill and Its Impact on the Lives of Unborn Children and Their Moms

8-week unborn babyI don't often address political issues in my blog, but in light of the impact this bill could have on the prolife movement, I felt it was important to share. My friend Larry Gadbaugh, CEO of Pregnancy Resource Centers of Greater Portland, sent the following email to their constituents explaining the impact that the current federal healthcare reform bill could have on the lives of countless unborn children and their moms, and the pregnancy resource centers who serve them. Here's what he wrote:

This is the bottom line: Abortion must be explicitly excluded from the healthcare bill, or ...

Babies on Skates

Okay, there is no reason for me to post this except that I want to. And I believe that God made us to laugh.

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