Randy Alcorn's Blog: cancer

Trusting in God’s Unfailing Love

By Randy Alcorn | June 4, 2012
Many thanks to those who have been praying for our daughter Angela Stump and her health, and peace and encouragement for her and her family. 

The Latest on Angie

By Randy Alcorn | June 1, 2012
Our daughter Angela called us late yesterday afternoon to let us know that the needle biopsy the doctor performed on Tuesday was inconclusive, meaning it told them nothing, so it’s not bad news or necessarily good.

Trusting in the Sovereignty and Love of God

By Randy Alcorn | December 1, 2010
I just viewed this video update from Joni, and it’s an absolutely delightful example of a sister who trusts in the sovereignty and love of God laid out in Romans 8.

A Prayer for Christopher Hitchens

By Randy Alcorn | August 6, 2010
I have read outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens, listened to his debates, and attended a debate he was part of. I marveled that there are some Christians he seems to respect, while radically disagreeing with them.

Nourishment for the Soul

By Randy Alcorn | June 25, 2010
Joni Eareckson Tada announced this week that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the years Joni has become a dear friend to Nanci and me, and we also deeply appreciate her husband Ken. 

God’s Grace and Our Sickness, from Doug Nichols and Matthew Henry

By Randy Alcorn | February 18, 2008
Matthew Henry preached a sermon to young people from Proverbs 23:26: “My son, give me thy heart.” He then added in his diary the following affectionate and devout aspiration, “Lord, take my heart and make it such as it should be.”