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Randy Alcorn's Blog: creation

God as Master Artist

Field of buttercupsIn a sermon titled “God Rejoicing in the New Creation,” Charles Spurgeon said this: "If a man thinks that what God has made is not very good, he cannot be very good himself. In this he contradicts his God. It is a beautiful world we live in."

Oregon’s Natural Beauty Reflects Its Creator’s Magnificence

Oregon, Mt Hood / photo credit: bretvogel via photopin ccI was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Gresham, Oregon, where I live today. I think the rugged beauty of Oregon's coastline (where I've gone often on vacation, to speak and to write), and the rural green trees and hillsides that have always surrounded me have made me alert to the beauty of God's creation.

The beautiful 4-minute time lapse video in this blog uses footage shot in Oregon.

The Panda, One of God’s Creatures

PandaGod says He reveals His attributes in His creation. Check out and enjoy just one of thousands of His creatures—the Panda. 

Incredible Pictures from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition

Horsehead Nebula“The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). So too do the accomplishments of mankind whom He created in His image, and made to reflect his glory. Even people who don’t recognize God build telescopes, explore the heavens and take magnificent photos such as these.

A Sea Turtle Video

Sea Turtle

I love sea turtles. Some of my greatest memories are hanging out with turtles while snorkeling or diving. Here’s an entertaining 44-second video of a turtle with an apparent taste for the camera.

The Problem with Christoplatonism

The false assumptions of Christoplatonism, compared to Genesis 1:31: And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good

Christoplatonism—there’s a word that you don’t hear every day. It’s actually a word that I made up (probably the only word I’ve ever made up!) and used in my comprehensive Heaven book to speak of the Christianized philosophy of Plato.

“The Least of These”: Caring for The Environment of God’s Earth

Child with clean waterWhy have so many Christians historically shied away from creation care? I think the answer is that  concern for the environment is generally regarded as part of the liberal agenda.


God Reveals Himself in His Creation

Iguazu FallsI recently read Steve DeWitt’s Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God In Everything. I love the title, and I love the book. Here’s one of many things I enjoyed from the book, and we’ve added some photos and video to help you appreciate what he’s talking about.


The Wonders of God's Creation and Man's Creation, in Time Lapse

ArchitectureThis short time lapse video shows the wonder of God’s creation and man’s creation. But remember, God is the Creator; man is what Tolkien called the sub-creator. Our creativity is derived from His, from being made in the image of the Creator.


God's Small Creatures

beeIncredible photography in this video showing what goes on in the “small” world around us, a world of little creatures God created. 

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