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Randy Alcorn's Blog: faith

Help My Unbelief, a new book by Barnabas Piper

Help My Unbelief, a new book by Barnabas Piper

Barnabas Piper's Help My Unbelief, an honest, self-revealing and engaging treatment of an important subject, was just released today, July 1. This winsome and well-reasoned book avoids clichés and easy, superficial answers.

In the Face of Evil, We Must Live Our Faith Out Loud

Cattails / In the Face of Evil, We Must Live Our Faith Out LoudToday my heart is heavy after being assaulted by the evil depicted across the internet of the American journalist being beheaded. I woke with the following thoughts: As followers of Jesus Christ we must not be deterred by evil. Our mission remains the same as the day it was given to us—Go, and make disciples. 

How should we view and respond to people of different religions?

How should we view and respond to people of different religions?

First of all, we view them as created in the image of God, valuable, precious in God’s sight, and therefore they should be precious in our sight. We should treat everyone with respect.


Why Doesn’t God Do More to Restrain Evil and Suffering? Part 1

CityNanci said to me, “Given what Scripture tells us about the evil of the human heart, you’d think that there would be thousands of Jack the Rippers in every city.” Her statement stopped me in my tracks. Might God be limiting sin all around us, all the time? Second Thessalonians 2:7 declares that God is in fact restraining lawlessness in this world. For this we should thank him daily.


It’s Never Too Late to Grow and Change

Floyd BatesToday’s guest blog is from Kathy Norquist, Randy's executive assistant.

My father died on August 28, 2012. He would have been 91 on September 3. I thank God for the legacy he left us and for proving it’s never too late to learn and grow and change.

Remember Us and Pray for Us: the Persecuted Church

Tami in IndiaGuest blog by Tami Yeager, EPM bookkeeper

My introduction to The Voice of The Martyrs came through a newsletter handed to me in 2003. The stories in this publication disturbed me greatly, yet I was compelled to learn more. I found in the words of these pages real people with real stories. I was being confronted with a reality that did not fit into the neat package I had unknowingly wrapped my knowledge of God in.

The Hardest Lesson

School busWhen I was seventeen years old and had known Christ for less than two years, I experienced what I believe was a mir­acle. Driving at fifty miles an hour, I was about to crash. All I could see in front of me, top to bottom and side to side, was the yellow of a school bus, which pulled in front of me from a side road, but which I didn’t see until a split second before impact.


How can I stay motivated in my relationship with Jesus Christ?

First loveA reader of my blog asked, How does a believer keep his motivation? I understand the motivation of the new believer, but how does one stay motivated in day-to-day living, year after year?

The Eyes of Faith

Eye of faithWhen we view life through the eyes of faith, we can say, “Things appear one way, but my God is sovereign, loving, merciful, and kind. Through his grace and empowerment, I will cling to him."

God’s Good Work

Benjamin WarfieldBenjamin B. Warfield, world-renowned theologian, taught at Princeton Seminary for thirty-four years until his death in 1921. Students still read his books today. But most of them don’t know that in 1876, at age twenty-five, he married Annie Kinkead. They traveled to Germany for their honeymoon. In an intense thunderstorm, lightning struck Annie and permanently paralyzed her.

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