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Using Romans 1 to Test Other Worldviews

By Randy Alcorn | March 7, 2016
It’s vital that parents and church leaders understand some of the major reasons behind the trend of college students who are abandoning their faith in Christ, and know what they can do now to help their children prepare for the challenges ahead.

It’s Never Too Late to Grow and Change

By Kathy Norquist | November 16, 2012
Today’s guest blog is from Kathy Norquist, Randy's executive assistant. My father died on August 28, 2012. He would have been 91 on September 3. 

Remember Us and Pray for Us: the Persecuted Church

By Tami Yeager | October 12, 2012
My introduction to The Voice of The Martyrs came through a newsletter handed to me in 2003. The stories in this publication disturbed me greatly, yet I was compelled to learn more.

The Hardest Lesson

By Randy Alcorn | October 5, 2012
When I was seventeen years old and had known Christ for less than two years, I experienced what I believe was a mir­acle.