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Randy Alcorn's Blog: human rights

Questions for Our Pro-Abortion Friends, Church Leaders, and Politicians

Kevin DeYoung is a sharp young pastor and writer who I greatly appreciate. This blog is worth reading and contemplating. 

Don’t Throw the Preborn Baby out with the Bath Water

UnbornDiane Meyer is a close friend of mine and my wife, Nanci. When Diane told me about her experience at the Justice Conference, I asked her if she would write this guest blog. This is a sister in Christ who knows what she’s talking about. I encourage you to listen. —Randy Alcorn

Communicating the prolife message, and a 12-year-old shows how it's done (video)

Here's a great video well worth watching that one of you blog readers let me know about.

Lia, 12 years old, prepared and delivered a prolife speech for her 7th grade class.

Following the video I share some thoughts on how to best communicate the prolife message.

Lincoln's logic on slavery extends to all human rights

Abraham LincolnHappy birthday to my favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. While he still held to some racist stereotypes, he managed to rise above the worldview of his era and affirm the wrongness of slavery and the rights of all people.


Another "Outside the Box" Prolifer

Gary GrahamA friend recently sent me a link to a strong prolife blog post written by someone I would call an "outside the box" prolifer, in Hollywood. I've often said that one of my favorite prolifers of all time is Nat Hentoff, atheist editor of the Village Voice. Nobody could write him off as a conservative Sunday School teacher. This guy doesn’t fit the image either.

President Obama and Abortion

NBC rejected a Catholic prolife commercial from being shown during the Super Bowl. Here it is. Definitely worth watching!

Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen Speaking in Oregon January 10-11

Gianna JessenAbortion-survivor Gianna Jessen will be coming to my home church, Good Shepherd Community Church, and speaking this coming weekend, January 10-11, for an early Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Nanci and I plan to be at the Saturday night service at 5:30 PM. The Sunday services are 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM.

This is a great opportunity to hear firsthand Gianna's incredible survival story. I hope you'll consider bringing a friend, pro-choice or pro-life, to hear her story and the truth about abortion.

If you aren't familiar with Gianna, you can visit her website ...

Volition: A Terrific 15-minute Film

VolitionFour days ago I watched a short film called "Volition" that is extremely powerful and well done. It's a great investment of fifteen minutes. I watched it twice. I highly recommend that you grab a cup of coffee and view this, undistracted. Maybe have your family watch it together after dinner. I really like this one!

It was filmed mainly in three days in August on a small budget, to be entered in a short film contest. There's not much info on it on the web yet, so likely you haven't heard of it. But when you ...

Not Cool: Obama's Pro-abortion Stance, and Christians enabling him

ObamaA year and a half ago, when I first heard about Barack Obama, I got excited. I really wanted to support him. An evangelical Christian told me Obama was prolife. I didn’t care that Obama was a Democrat. I wanted a pro-life, pro-environment, pro-racial equality president who took seriously our need to care for the poor and defend the needy.

Granted, I also wanted someone who wasn’t a New Age anti-industry activist with a “Meat is Murder” bumper sticker. I wanted someone who is committed to national defense, but knows when not to go on offense. I wanted ...

Barack Obama and John McCain on abortion: Two articles, two videos

It's now less than 6 weeks from the election. I have a few more blogs I want to do on the candidates, related to the prolife issue.

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