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Lincoln's logic on slavery extends to all human rights

By Randy Alcorn | February 12, 2009
Happy birthday to my favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. While he still held to some racist stereotypes, he managed to rise above the worldview of his era and affirm the wrongness of slavery and the rights of all people.

Another "Outside the Box" Prolifer

By Randy Alcorn | February 9, 2009
A friend recently sent me a link to a strong prolife blog post written by someone I would call an "outside the box" prolifer, in Hollywood.

President Obama and Abortion

By Randy Alcorn | February 2, 2009
NBC rejected a Catholic prolife commercial from being shown during the Super Bowl. Here it is. Definitely worth watching!

Volition: A Terrific 15-Minute Film

By Randy Alcorn | December 14, 2008
Four days ago I watched a short film called "Volition" that is extremely powerful and well done. It's a great investment of fifteen minutes.

Not Cool: Obama's Pro-abortion Stance, and Christians Enabling Him

By Randy Alcorn | October 16, 2008
I knew from the first time I heard him speak that Obama was cool. And if the candidate I supported, for reasons of substance, also happened to be cool, that would be a nice plus. Then the sad day came. I checked out Obama's actual position on abortion and I was demoralized.