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Why Are Christians Bitter and Unhappy?

By Randy Alcorn | May 25, 2016
Unfortunately, the world’s characterization of unhappy believers is too often correct. I see too many long-faced Christians who seem continuously angry, disillusioned, and defensive over politics and the infringement of their rights.

Exploring the Happiness of Jesus

By Randy Alcorn | March 23, 2016
My wife led a women’s Bible study group in discussing a lesson she’d written about the happiness of Jesus. One woman who’d grown up as a churchgoer was startled. She shared how horrified she’d once been to see a picture of Jesus smiling. Why? Because she believed it was blasphemous to make Jesus appear happy!

God’s Plan for Us Includes Happiness in Him

By Randy Alcorn | February 3, 2016
Consider Isaiah 52:7, which says, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness.” Paul clearly refers to Isaiah 52:7 in Romans 10:15 as he references the gospel, demonstrating this “good news of happiness” is in fact nothing else but the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ.

What Will My Happiness Look Like in Heaven?

By Randy Alcorn | January 4, 2016
I think joy in eternity will be the same sort of thing we know as joy and happiness and delight right now. But it will be purified and absolute in the sense that, as Paul says, right now we are “sorrowful yet always rejoicing” (2 Corinthians 6:10).

Christian Joy and Feasting

By Randy Alcorn | December 28, 2015
What if we as believers were known as the people of celebration and gladness, and the church as the place of feasting?

The Two Sworn Enemies of Our Joy

By Randy Alcorn | December 14, 2015
William Whitaker, who was a Puritan and a Cambridge University professor in the 16th century, spoke of “sinning away that happiness wherein we were created.” And that is a very graphic picture not only of what Adam and Eve did, but also what we who are conceived as sinners and have a sin nature do

Is Happiness Different from Joy?

By Randy Alcorn | December 11, 2015
I think the first thing we need to realize is that historically there was no such distinction in the church and in the English language. Simply look up joy in a secular dictionary, say Webster’s Dictionary, and you’ll see it defined as happiness and, happiness defined as joy. They are synonyms with overlapping meanings. 

Giving Brings Happiness, During Thanksgiving, Christmas and All Year Long

By Randy Alcorn | November 27, 2015
It might surprise you to learn that secular studies are emphatic in their assertion that giving makes people happier. Most of the people who conduct these studies don’t realize they’re agreeing with Jesus, who said: “It is more blessed [makarios: happy-making] to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).