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Faithful Until the End

By Randy Alcorn | April 24, 2015
The world should be able to look at a husband’s love for his wife and see what the gospel means, and be drawn to the beauty and power of God’s love for His people. That’s why I love this moving story that Garrett Kell shares about a faithful, gospel-centered marriage.

The Law of Love

By Randy Alcorn | April 4, 2014
While Scripture does not address every given situation in any place and time, Jesus does give us a twofold guiding ethical principle that can be applied in every situation. 

Is love God’s defining attribute?

By Randy Alcorn, Julia (Stager) Mayo | July 29, 2013
Certainly love is a very important attribute of God. God is love, we’re told in 1 John 4:16, so in some senses it is a defining quality of God. However, this does not minimize His other qualities.

Zach Hunter on a Christian Ethic of Social Justice

By Randy Alcorn | September 5, 2011
I know Zach Hunter. I met him and had dinner with him and his mom after a showing of the movie Amazing Grace, that great movie on the life of the Christian parliamentarian William Wilberforce and his success in passing the laws to ban slavery in England.

God’s Limitless Love

By Randy Alcorn | February 14, 2011
The apostle John says we know what God’s love is because of the unthinkable price Jesus paid for us, to turn us into God’s own children, fully acceptable in his sight. God’s love abounds.