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Focus on the Family, the Aurora shootings, and Some Courageous Young Men

Focus on the FamilyLast week I spent two days at Focus on the Family, recording eight radio programs. Six were with Focus president Jim Daly and host John Fuller. I did two interviews each related to my books If God is GoodThe Treasure Principle, and Heaven. I loved my time with Jim, John, Royce Bervig and the great folks at Focus on the Family.

An Epidemic Among Young Men

Russell MooreI have lamented before about the large number of young men who are not readers, and who therefore are not readers of God's Word. I have also addressed the pornography problem, which has shipwrecked countless young men in our culture, and in our churches. All of this is part of a culture of boys who never grow up. 

Russell Moore has written an excellent and important article addressing some of these issues. I highly recommend that every parent, church leader, young man and young woman read it and take it to heart. 

The Time is Ripe for Courageous


The Courageous movie opens in theaters this Friday, September 30. Please pray for the impact of the movie and go see it this opening weekend, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The more people show up opening weekend, the longer it will stay in the theaters and the more lives it will touch!

Video Recap, with Two More Videos from Walt Larimore and Don Meredith

The Game Plan for LifeHope you enjoyed the videos for The Game Plan for Life Volume 2 study I’ve posted this week. I thought I’d end the week by re-posting all of the videos for those who’ve missed them. I’ve also included two additional videos from Walt Larimore and Don Meredith.

Os Guinness on the Vocation of a Man’s Life

Os GuinnessI’m continuing to post videos this week for The Game Plan for Life Volume 2 study. (See my blog post from Monday for more about the study.) Today’s video is from Os Guinness, author of the chapter on vocation in The Game Plan for Life.

Tony Evans on Purpose in a Man’s Life

Tony EvansIn yesterday’s blog , I wrote about the new The Game Plan for Life Volume 2 curriculum, and included Joe Gibb’s introductory video. Today’s video is from Tony Evans, author of the chapter on purpose in The Game Plan for Life.

The Game Plan for Life Volume 2: Good Perspectives for all, Good Material for Men’s Groups

The Game Plan for LifeSome of you have read The Game Plan for Life, a book which focuses on the key areas of life a man needs to address in order to lead a victorious life. Joe Gibbs asked eleven men to write chapters on everything from the Bible, God, and creation, to sin and addiction, finances, marriage, and Heaven.

Why doesn’t the church address the issue of modesty?

Here’s another great question I was asked on my blog:

Modesty"My husband and I are glad that the church is finally talking about the problem of pornography   and purity in the Body of Christ, and helping men address this issue. But why do we never hear about purity for women in the way they dress? I’m talking about women who profess to be Christ-followers. They become a stumbling block to their brothers when they dress seductively or dress to be sexy as the world has deemed fashionable. Please address the issue of modestly."

Dockers asks men to "Wear the Pants"

Last week I got an email about Dockers pants from The Rebelution (a site I highly recommend), which I've quoted in this blog. After you read it, check out the picture below, part of Dockers' new advertising campaign. I'd like to know, what do you think about the ad?

Dockers, the khaki brand of Levi Strauss & Co., is asking men to man up and wear the pants. In a world of advertising that constantly buffets men (and women) with distorted views of manhood and womanhood, the campaign seems like a breath of fresh air. Yes, they are trying ...

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