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Randy Alcorn's Blog: new earth

This Christmas, Let’s Rejoice in the Far Reaches of Christ’s Redemptive Work

Joy the World, by Isaac WattsIf you had asked me my favorite Christmas song when I was a kid, it would have been “Silent Night,” even though I didn’t understand the meaning. Now my favorite is “Joy to the World,” because as my wife Nanci pointed out to me years ago, it’s the Christmas song that looks forward to Christ’s return and the New Earth.

Are you longing for Heaven?

We are looking forward to the New Heavens and New Earth (2 Peter 3:3)Are you desperately longing for Heaven? It’s a fair question. Peter says, “we are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth” (2 Peter 3:13). But, in fact, are we? Are we actually looking forward to and longing for the world to come? This question is critical to our present lives.

Will we drink coffee on the New Earth?

Coffee in the eternal Heaven?Both Nanci and I love a good cup of coffee. Actually, I like about three good cups of dark, strong coffee—preferably French Roast, with milk. I'm like one of my fictional characters, homicide detective Ollie Chandler, who drank enough coffee that Juan Valdez named his donkey after him.

Where God’s People Go When They Die

Airplane wing / Heaven analogyWill Christians live in Heaven forever? The answer depends on what we mean by Heaven. Will we be with the Lord forever? Absolutely. Will we always be with him in exactly the same place that Heaven is now? No. It may seem strange to say that the Heaven we go to at death isn’t eternal, but it’s true. Let me suggest an analogy to illustrate the difference between the intermediate Heaven and the eternal Heaven. 


Sports and the Christian Life

Sports and the Christian: "Do all to the glory of God"1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us, “When you eat or drink, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” If you watch or participate in sports, do it for the glory of God.

God’s Fastest Land Animal—a Work of Art

CheetahIf you enjoy nature and nature photography like I do, you’ll love this. And relax...no blood is spilled.


Enjoying Rest, Now and in the Life to Come

Matthew 11:28

It’s ironic that it takes such effort to set aside time for rest, but it does. For me, and for many of us, it’s difficult to guard our schedules, but it’s worth it. The day of rest points us to Heaven and to Jesus, who said, “Come to me, all you who are weary....and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Will there be books and reading on the New Earth?

Bookworm, by SpitzwegI believe that on the New Earth, we’ll also read books, new and old, written by people. We’ll have strong intellects, great curiosity, and unlimited time. It’s likely that books will have a greater role in our lives in Heaven than they do now. The libraries of the New Earth, I imagine, will be fantastic.

“Eternal Perspectives”: A Collection of Quotes about the Life to Come

Eternal PerspectivesI have always enjoyed reading books of well-chosen quotations on interesting subjects. I like the breadth, the variety, the joy of discovering a beautifully written or particularly insightful observation. I like writing that causes me to think about and to rethink positions I’ve taken for granted but may not be accurate.

Questions on Heaven from Corban University Students

CorbanLast month I did a Q&A on Heaven at Corban University’s chapel. I enjoyed meeting students and sharing what God’s word says about our eternal home.

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