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When It Is and Isn’t Plagiarism

By Randy Alcorn | September 19, 2016
From time to time, I’m reminded of how common it is for people to believe a writer or speaker stole his or her material. Sometimes material is indeed used word for word without crediting the source, and this is unethical. But other times, people assume an idea or material has been stolen when it isn't the case.

Marvin Olasky on Being on Guard in Our Churches

By Randy Alcorn | August 10, 2015
Editor-in-chief of the World News Group, Marvin Olasky, writes insightfully on the subject of churches and what constitutes true grace and compassion when it comes to gay marriages.

Charles Spurgeon Praising the Divine Architect

By Randy Alcorn | April 28, 2010
Charles Spurgeon preached to something like ten million people in his lifetime, sometimes speaking ten times a week at various locations. His sermons were transcribed as he spoke. 

Encouraging responses to Randy’s book If God Is Good

By Kathy Norquist | March 10, 2010
I never realized how difficult and time-consuming it is to write a book until I started working for Randy many years ago. Observing the numerous stages of a book before it goes to print has given me a new appreciation for the work of an author.