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Randy Alcorn's Blog: politics

Don’t Stop Voting (you do it every day with the choices you make)

Read BibleThe election is over, but the truth is that every season of our lives is election season. Voting isn’t something you do just every few years. We cast multiple votes each day. We cast votes for Heaven or Hell, for grace or truth. For self-control or self-indulgence. For the Spirit or the flesh. For abiding in Christ, or independence from Christ. For wisdom or foolishness, and blessing or curse.

Election 2012, Part 7: Responses to 12 More Comments, Including “It’s wrong to vote pragmatically,” “Politics is a waste of time” and “I’ll only vote for a Christian”

The time to vote is hereThe good news is that with the election next week, this is my final election blog! (Monday’s blog will be Scripture and prayer for our nation.) I’m relieved to finish, because I’m disillusioned by politics and I feel torn by the ethical dilemmas. I have heard things I agree with said by nearly everyone who disagrees with me. I keep finding myself thinking, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I used to say!” Below are comments I’ve received, followed by my responses.


Election 2012 Part 5: Is it Wrong to Vote for the Lesser of Evils? Shouldn’t We Instead Vote for a Third Party Candidate?

CandidatesI’ve received many comments from those who believe that we should vote for a third party candidate. Why? Because voting between President Obama and Governor Romney involves choosing between the lesser of two evils, which means choosing evil, something no Christian should do.


Election 2012, Part 2: Which Candidate Will Best Protect Religious Liberties?

Religious libertiesThis blog is about religious liberties. I believe where the next president stands on this issue will profoundly influence the culture in which our children and grandchildren will live. Will they be free to live out their religious convictions, even when unpopular, without being punished?  


Election 2012, Part 1: Racial Issues, Helping the Poor and Financial Responsibility

Obama and RomneyI have postponed writing about this election because I feel at a loss as to what to say or how best to say it. Reluctantly, now that the election is only four weeks away, I’ve decided to give it a try. (I may regret it, and you may too.)


Questions for Our Pro-Abortion Friends, Church Leaders, and Politicians

Kevin DeYoung is a sharp young pastor and writer who I greatly appreciate. This blog is worth reading and contemplating. 

Don’t Throw the Preborn Baby out with the Bath Water

UnbornDiane Meyer is a close friend of mine and my wife, Nanci. When Diane told me about her experience at the Justice Conference, I asked her if she would write this guest blog. This is a sister in Christ who knows what she’s talking about. I encourage you to listen. —Randy Alcorn

The Contraception Controversy Is about More than “Just Contraception”

Chuck ColsonI have a lot of respect for Chuck Colson, who is in the hospital with a serious condition, in need of our prayers. I appreciate his involvement in helping the Christian community develop a godly worldview by keeping us informed about timely issues facing our nation. 

Christians and Politics?

How much attention should Christians give politics?I am grateful for those Christians who are called to be legislators, judges, and otherwise involved in the political arena. I am also in favor of people—in the right context—protesting injustice. On the other hand, Christians often turn politics into something too important.

How High Should Our Standards Be When it Comes to the U.S. President?

Newt GinggrichOn the one hand, we should be acutely aware that every candidate is imperfect. We will be voting for a president, not a pastor, and certainly not a Messiah. We must hold fully to the biblical standards of leadership when it comes to appointing church leaders. 


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