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Are You Encouraging Your Kids to Read This Summer?

Heaven for Kids / Credit: Ann VoskampI’ve shared before my concern that children who don't grow up to be readers will not be readers of God's Word. In today’s culture, addiction to video games, movies, TV and social media has drained many young people of the time and interest to discover the virtues and satisfaction of reading. But there’s nothing like reading to feed the soul and enlarge the imagination.

How Can We Encourage Christ-followers to Read?

Reading in a bookstoreOver the years I’ve bought and read thousands of good books. I cannot divorce God's works of grace in my life from great books. I love a good movie, but I find that for me television is incapable of having the deep and profound positive effect on my spiritual life that books do. That's one reason I'm so concerned about the plunging literacy rates for young people, especially boys.

I’m including in today’s blog part of an article by George Thomsen, manager at the award-winning Harvest Bookstore.

John Wesley on the Importance of Reading

John Wesley on horsebackOne of his biographers says that evangelist John Wesley "rode 250,000 miles, gave away 30,000 pounds...and preached more than 40,000 sermons.” Often, Wesley had a book open in front of him as he rode. He loved to learn, and read books incessantly, which gave freshness to the sermons he preached about three times a day.

My Thoughts on “The Disappearing Book”

I am absolutely convinced that  the books one  reads possibly  help mold one’s  life more purposefully  and eternally than we  ever realize. —Ravi ZachariasA lot of people have asked me my thoughts about the possible “disappearance” of physical books, due to the fact there are all the different eReaders people are now reading on: the Kindle, the iPad, the Nook, and others.

Books on Preaching, Managing Time, and Sports Nanci and I Watch: Part 2 of a Q&A

The Tyranny of the UrgentIn Charles Hummel’s booklet Tyranny of the Urgent, which I read as a young Christian thirty-five years ago, he said that what is urgent is often not important, and what is important is typically not urgent.

Devotional Habits, Books I’m Reading, and the Best Constructive Criticism I’ve Ever Received: Part 1 of a Q&A

BibleMy normal approach to Bible study is to pore over texts that relate to something on my mind and heart. Sometimes this has been prompted by my research on current book projects.


Martin Luther on being a theologian, writer and preacher

DonkeyAs a student of theology, writer, and occasional preacher, I loved reading Martin Luther talking about learning theology, and about the “little books” some of us write and the little sermons we preach. Sometimes the reformers really make you smile.


Fiction Feeds Souls (Including Children’s)

N.D. WilsonAs a fiction writer, and as a father and grandfather, this post by Nate Wilson resonated with me. I met Nate a while back at a Desiring God conference. He’s a good brother with a great point—the power of story, and the importance of saturating our children and grandchildren with the kind of stories that will, as Nate says, “Give them a taste for goodness, for truth, for beauty.”

Will there be books and reading on the New Earth?

Bookworm, by SpitzwegI believe that on the New Earth, we’ll also read books, new and old, written by people. We’ll have strong intellects, great curiosity, and unlimited time. It’s likely that books will have a greater role in our lives in Heaven than they do now. The libraries of the New Earth, I imagine, will be fantastic.

An Epidemic Among Young Men

Russell MooreI have lamented before about the large number of young men who are not readers, and who therefore are not readers of God's Word. I have also addressed the pornography problem, which has shipwrecked countless young men in our culture, and in our churches. All of this is part of a culture of boys who never grow up. 

Russell Moore has written an excellent and important article addressing some of these issues. I highly recommend that every parent, church leader, young man and young woman read it and take it to heart. 

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