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Randy Alcorn's Blog: sanctity of life

Why the Revelations of Dr. Gosnell’s Trial Don’t Shock Me, and the Holocaust in Our Midst

Unborn childI’m a little taken aback that so many Christians are utterly shocked only because of the fact that this man killed some babies after they were born instead of a minute, week, month or three months earlier. As if that makes the slightest difference to the babies or to God.

Every Life Is Precious, No Matter How He or She Was Conceived

ProLife Answers to ProChoice ArgumentsWhat if you found that your spouse or adopted child was fathered by a rapist? Would it change your view of their worth? Would you love them any less? If not, why should we view the innocent unborn child any differently?


Questions for Our Pro-Abortion Friends, Church Leaders, and Politicians

Kevin DeYoung is a sharp young pastor and writer who I greatly appreciate. This blog is worth reading and contemplating. 

The Master’s Touch: Paintings by Ron DiCianni

Before I Knew YouI first met artist Ron DiCianni many years ago at the Christian Bookseller’s Convention (now called ICRS). He has become a good friend over the years, and I thank God for a brother who uses his gifts well.

Recently Ron completed a new painting titled Before I Formed You in the Womb…, inspired by Jeremiah 1:5.

The Surprising Trend: a Growing Number of Prolife Young People

prolife generationAs I point out in my book Why ProLife?, not long ago, young people seemed so immersed in moral relativism and tolerance-driven postmodern culture that it appeared they would eventually become uniformly pro-choice. People used to think the prolife movement would die of old age. But something happened.

Dan Franklin on the Growing Consistency of the Pro-Choice Position

ConsistencyRecently my son-in-law Dan Franklin, married to my daughter Karina, wrote a very insightful article on his Facebook page. Dan is the teaching pastor at Life Bible Fellowship in Upland, California. Dan takes a fresh slant on new developments in the abortion debate.

Disabled Children and Our Cultural Blindspot

Boaz ReigstadAs far back as the 1980's, I read about a survey of pediatricians in which 3/4 said they would abort if knew they were going to have a Down Syndrome Child. Another survey of pediatricians and pediatric surgeons re­vealed that more than two out of three would go along with parents’ wishes to deny life-saving surgery to a child with Down syndrome.

94-year-old woman reunites with 77-year-old daughter conceived by rape

Minka and her daughterA friend sent me the following Associated Press article about a now 100-year-old woman, who at age 94 was reunited with her 77-year-old daughter. The child was conceived when the woman was raped as a teenager, and then placed for adoption.

Doctors Recommended that Tim Tebow Be Aborted

The Tebow familyThis is a follow-up on my Wednesday blog about Tim Tebow messing up my plans this week. You’ve heard about the fact that John 3:16, Tebow’s favorite verse, was Googled more than anything else after his victory Sunday.

A Human Non-Person?

EmbryoIn his excellent blog, Justin Taylor quotes from J. P. Moreland on the issue of whether someone can be human but not a person, a distinction used by pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia advocates to justify taking human lives.


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