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Randy Alcorn's Blog: theology

Martin Luther on being a theologian, writer and preacher

DonkeyAs a student of theology, writer, and occasional preacher, I loved reading Martin Luther talking about learning theology, and about the “little books” some of us write and the little sermons we preach. Sometimes the reformers really make you smile.


Some Thoughts on Les Misérables

Les MisérablesI love the redemptive message of Les Misérables, from book, to stage, to screen. It reminds me of the song “Amazing Grace,” because it is deeply loved even by those who don’t fully believe its message. The beauty of the story is so great that even those who don’t believe in God, his grace and forgiveness and his ability to transform a man, still love it.

Thoughts on The Shack in light of the author’s new novel and devotional

The ShackFor years I was asked to respond to The Shack, and though I didn’t do so publically, I did write an extensive review of it that I made available to a small number of people privately. It now seems appropriate to finally post an updated version of what I wrote years ago, since I still receive so many questions about the book.

Dialogue with Publisher About Mary Neal’s To Heaven and Back

Bible and penIn the previous blog I expressed concerns about some doctrines in the new bestselling book To Heaven and Back, by Mary Neal. This is my second and last article on this subject. It’s lengthy, but I think it’s important and I don’t want to drag it out with several shorter articles.

Bad Doctrine is a Cruel Taskmaster

Bad doctrineWhen I came across this statement somewhere, that bad doctrine is a cruel taskmaster, it stuck with me. I asked EPM staffer Julia Stager to provide some verses demonstrating it, and I added my summary statements to hers.

Why Should We Believe in a Historical Adam?

A historical AdamLast month Kevin DeYoung posted an excellent blog called “10 Reasons to Believe in a Historical Adam.” I can’t say enough about the importance of this subject. Everywhere I turn, including on the campuses of many Christian liberal arts colleges, I see the drift away from believing in an historical Adam and Eve.

An Invitation to Spend Three Days Learning What God’s Word Has to Say about Heaven

Spend 3 Days in HeavenIn this three-minute video, I share about an upcoming graduate course on Heaven I’ll be teaching at Corban University in Salem, Oregon May 8-10, 2012. The course is available for graduate credit, but anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to come audit it.

Should We Be Against Hell or in Favor of It?

VoteIn many conversations over the last few years I’ve said to people, “If God had given me a vote on whether or not there is a hell, honestly I would have voted against it. But that is not a point of pride, it is a confession."

Does the Word “Evangelical” Mean Anything Anymore?

Searching?I’m writing this while returning from ICRS, the annual Christian book convention. I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport, reflecting on some of my conversations the past four days. I did many interviews about recent and forthcoming books, and talked with lots of evangelical booksellers, publishers, and authors.

Conservative, "Christian Sounding," and Truly Christian are not the same

Conservative, "Christian Sounding," and Truly Christian are not the same

I have long been concerned about the tendency for Bible believing Christians to confuse conservativism and speaking “Christian language” with a true relationship and walk with Jesus Christ.

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