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Randy Alcorn's Blog: unborn

He Was the Only One to Defend the Disabled

Killing an unborn child just because you have not held him in your arms and can’t hear his cry does not change his value or mitigate his loss when he is killed. - Randy AlcornGuest post from Kathy Norquist, Randy’s executive assistant.

My nephew, Tyler, is finishing up his college courses and was taking a biology class to complete some requirements. The topic of testing during pregnancy to see if your baby is healthy came up during class. The question was asked, “Would you abort your child if there was a medical problem?” 

Sidewalk Counseling, a Life Saved, and a Family Brought the Gospel

Baby RomanI love this prolife story. It testifies to the ways God can use believers peacefully praying, holding signs, and sharing prolife information as well as the gospel, outside an abortion clinic.

What is your opinion of prolife organizations that show graphic pictures of aborted babies?

Abort 73If you see evil—like the killing of unborn children—then, by all means, recognize it to be evil, but don’t get mad at the people who took the pictures and are showing you the pictures. Get mad at the people who are doing the evil that is in the pictures.

The Uncomfortable Truth: the Humanity of the Unborn

UltrasoundPro-choice advocates once commonly stated, “It’s uncertain when human life begins; that’s a religious question that cannot be answered by science.” Most have abandoned this position because it’s contradicted by decades of scientific evidence. However, acknowledging the humanity of the unborn does require them to shift their language and tactics when defending abortion.

Reflections in Front of an Abortion Clinic

Not an un-motherThere is a popular idea that is tossed around as absolute truth: to be pro-women is to be pro-abortion. A woman’s right to abortion is paramount over a baby’s right to life.  

Every Life Is Precious, No Matter How He or She Was Conceived

ProLife Answers to ProChoice ArgumentsWhat if you found that your spouse or adopted child was fathered by a rapist? Would it change your view of their worth? Would you love them any less? If not, why should we view the innocent unborn child any differently?


Why ProLife?: Addressing the Defining Issue of Our Age

Why Pro-Life?My book Why ProLife? was first published in 2004. With 300,000 English copies in print, and translations in 18 other languages, I have been amazed at its far-reaching impact. But in the eight years since the book was first written, technology has changed, statistics have become dated, and there are new re­sources, stories, and discussions. It was time for a thorough update and revision.

Election 2012 Part 4: Do the Candidates Have Different Positions on Abortion and Does it Matter?

Baby in womb at five monthsNow I come to the subject of abortion. And while it is not the only issue, it’s vitally important.  I recently addressed the question, “Shouldn’t we care about other social injustices besides abortion?” My answer was an emphatic yes, which is why our ministry gives financial resources, time and attention to fighting these other injustices. But when I bring it up, many Christians refuse to stay on track with the issue of abortion.


Shouldn’t we care about other social injustices besides abortion?

Precious in His sightI think people are creating an artificial distinction because they feel that whenever you talk about one social evil and injustice, you are obligated to list every other one. I don’t agree with that. And I don’t appreciate the fact that this is seldom done with other injustices, but is routinely done with abortion. 

Questions for Our Pro-Abortion Friends, Church Leaders, and Politicians

Kevin DeYoung is a sharp young pastor and writer who I greatly appreciate. This blog is worth reading and contemplating. 

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