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Randy Alcorn's Blog: words

The Power of Brief Words of Encouragement

Patty familyAwhile back I ran across this blog post from one of our friends, Kristi Patty. I’m so proud of Kristyiand Josh and their amazing family, who God has used in wonderful ways. I am humbled that God used me in some small way in their lives, and I’m aware of how God has used the words of many others in my life.

Shaping Our Words after His

Microphone / Shaping Our Words after HisIf we want our words to have lasting value and impact, they need to be touched and shaped by God’s words. 

What do you think about "Christianese"?

What do you think of "Christianese"?Several weeks ago we asked blog readers to submit questions for me to answer. I’ll be posting the video answers to the questions as blogs over the course of the next few weeks. One of the questions asked was: What do you think about "Christianese"?

Fully Human from the Beginning

UltrasoundDarren Carlson tells a story that captures the game that is often played by the medical community— depersonalizing the unborn child by semantics, so that abortion becomes a viable option.

Tim Keller on Scoffers, Scorners, and Snark

Tim KellerI appreciate the thoughtful, biblical and Christ-centered insights of Pastor Tim Keller. I recommend his books, messages and online videos. Here’s something he wrote awhile back that deserves a wide audience.

Taylor Mali: Totally like whatever, you know

Kevin DeYoung recently linked to this video, which like, you know, is really good?

Four Things You Cannot Recover...

Four Things You Cannot Recover...

A few months ago I happened to see this on The Heart of a Pastor Wife's blog, and thought these pictures were profound.




The Blessing of Gratitude, the Curse of Complaining

The Blessing of Gratitude, the Curse of Complaining

The child in this picture is NOT one of my grandchildren. But he pretty much captures what a lot of us, older and younger, behave like when we don’t get our way. (And have you noticed, we often DON’T get our way…which is actually good.)

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