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Justine’s story: “You will always regret an abortion”

JustineI don’t know how many stories like this I’ve heard over the years, but I don’t think we can be too often reminded of what abortion does to women. I’ve talked with women, seen them weep, and have written whole chapters on this (including “Does Abortion Harm a Woman’s Physical and Mental Health?”) in my books Why Pro-Life? and ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments.

Conservative, "Christian Sounding," and Truly Christian are not the same

flagI have long been concerned about the tendency for Bible believing Christians to confuse conservativism and speaking “Christian language” with a true relationship and walk with Jesus Christ. I addressed this several years ago in my article "Conservative, Liberal or Christian?" So I really resonated with Justin Taylor’s blog, part of which I’ve placed below.

A few thoughts about popular movies

I know, we’re supposed to pretend that movies have no influence on us, or our children. That way we can be cool and go with the popular drift of culture and prove that not all Christians are uptight and moralistic.

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