Language as a Tool of Persuasion: Critical Discourse Analysis of Pro-choice and Pro-life News Articles

By Naila Bairamova Mitchell | June 14, 2017
Randy Alcorn was sent this research paper by Naila Bairamova Mitchell, a student at Portland State University in Portland, OR. We felt it was a balanced paper showing how language is used in persuasion in the abortion debate. It was also brave of Naila to choose abortion as the subject in a very liberal university and in a very liberal state.
Abstract Language is a powerful tool that can be used to persuade and agitate. This article will be looking at the issue of abortion. Headlines from both pro-choice and pro-life news sources will be analyzed along with two contrasting ...

Can We Trust the Bible? Is It Without Error?

By Randy Alcorn | June 9, 2017
Failure to believe in inerrancy must logically lead to my inability to trust the Bible as authoritative. Clearly those parts which are supposedly false cannot be authoritative. I cannot rely upon what I do not believe to be accurate. 

Can Those in Hell See Beyond the Chasm into Heaven?

By Randy Alcorn | June 6, 2017

Question from a reader:

Based on Luke 16:19-31, the story of the rich man and Lazarus, will those in Hell be able to see beyond the chasm? (In verse 26, Abraham tells the rich man, “Between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, in order that those who would pass from here to you may not be able, and none may cross from there to us.”)

If Those with the Lord Are Aware of Some Things on Earth, What Determines What They Can See?

By Randy Alcorn | May 17, 2017

Question from a reader:

You make the case that those now in Heaven may be able to see what’s presently happening on earth, at least to some extent. Since those with the Lord are not omnipresent, what do you think determines what they see? Do they just observe things that God points out to them? Or things of specific interest to them? Do they have ability to observe whatever they want, including really bad and evil things?