Readers' Responses to hand in Hand

By Multiple Authors | October 7, 2015
God's sovereignty doesn't mean meticulous control of every event that occurs. It does mean that God is free to meticulously control everything if he so chooses. This was one of the most refreshing books on the subject that I've read, and I've read a lot. Alcorn writes with graciousness toward all sides and a deep love of God. –T.F.

Pourquoi Randy Alcorn a décidé de dire non à 99% des invitations

By Randy Alcorn | September 16, 2015
Avant, je disais non à 95% des demandes de prédications, de conférences ou des demandes du type « allons boire un verre » ou « est-ce que tu pourrais lire mon livre? » Maintenant, c’est plus de 99% du temps. La réponse standard que mon assistant envoie est une formule que j’ai trouvée il y a plus de 15 ans: « Randy doit dire non à la grande majorité des bonnes occasions pour pouvoir dire oui aux très rares opportunités que Dieu veut qu’il saisisse. »  

Endorsements and Book Reviews of Happiness

By Multiple Authors | September 9, 2015
Alcorn (Heaven), director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, serves as a guide on the road toward true happiness and fulfillment in this hefty but appealing tome. 

Readers' Responses to The Apostle

By Multiple Authors | September 2, 2015
Whether you know your Bible or not, this is a great way to get a child or young adult to become interested in their Scriptures. I use to read church comics when I was younger and I was encouraged to pick up my Bible and read the passages. Comics are not a bad thing (my first books were comics. That's what kept me encouraged to read. Also, the way the format of comics is set up, the storylines are in depth). I've bought mine in hopes of inspiring some young adults in my life! —R.R.