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Hell: The Most Unpopular Subject in the World (and sometimes in the Church)

Satan’s objective is evil and suffering—exactly what the Messiah came ultimately to defeat. From the beginning, God planned that his Son should deal the death blow to Satan, evil, and suffering—reversing the Curse triggered by Adam and Eve’s sin, redeeming a fallen humanity, and repairing a broken world.

Can you recommend any resources on recovery form satanic ritual abuse?

Question from a reader:

What knowledge or recommendation do you have for satanic ritual abuse victims?  Specifically, satanic ritual abuse connected with Freemasonry. I have not been able to find much information on treatment or support, and most deny that it even exists. Do you know anything about deliverance counseling? Are there Christian support organizations?

I’ve been struggling with having impure dreams that take me to a very dark place. What should I do?

Question from a reader:

I’ve been struggling with having impure dreams that take me to a very dark place. I think there might be some demonic influence. What should I do?

Dialogue with a Reader: Will I go to Hell if I fail at living a good Christian life?

50 Days of HeavenEveryone who tries to live the Christian life fails. I’ve failed. Randy has failed. But God doesn’t reject us when we fail; He helps us grow. You expressed there are many things keeping you from the life God wants for you. God wants your life to be full of hope, love, peace, grace and forgiveness and so much more. 

Never Stop Being A Student

ChalkboardThere was once a time in the early years of our faith when we couldn’t get enough. We had a voracious hunger for truth. We lived with the humbling realization that there was so much we didn’t know. We loved to study the Word of God. We loved listening to peers and mentors who were further along. We were students.

Genuine Grace, Unedited Truth: The Need for Christians to Graciously Follow Christ’s Example and Uphold His Word

Mountain climbersThe world is desperately hungry for two things—grace and truth. Jesus Christ is full of both: “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). When Jesus stepped onto the world’s stage, people could not only hear the demands of truth but also see Truth Himself. No longer fleeting glimmers of grace, but Grace Himself.

A Prayer for Our Nation, Our World, and Our Hearts

Hands in PrayerO Father, as I stop and think about our country today, all the hurt and pain and the way we so often break your heart, I quickly become overwhelmed by it all. And then in the stillness, I stop and I fix my hope and gaze upon you, the Lord and Lifter of my head.

EPM’s 2013 Ministry Overview

Learn more about the work of EPM and how God faithfully used our ministry in 2013.

How can I comfort a friend who lost one of her unbelieving parents?

Question from a reader:

I will be attending a memorial service for a dear friend’s mother who was not a Christian. Her father is devastated, even though she had battled cancer for nine years. How can I offer hope at such a time?  

Is it possible for babies to be born in Heaven?

Question from a reader:

Though there is no marriage between man and woman in Heaven, is it possible for a woman to be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, as Mary was, and give birth in Heaven? I think of all the women here on Earth who are unable to conceive, and I love babies so much that I can’t image a Heaven where there aren’t newborns.

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