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If “no eye has seen” Heaven, how can we know about it?

God tells us about Heaven in His Word, not so we can shrug our shoulders and remain ignorant, but because He wants us to understand and anticipate what awaits us. We should accept that many things about Heaven are secret and that God has countless surprises in store for us. But the things God has revealed to us about Heaven belong to us and to our children. It’s critically important that we discuss and understand them.

What should I do if my spouse doesn’t want me to talk to our children about Heaven?

Question from a reader:

Ever since my children could talk, I have been instilling in them a joy and longing for Heaven. My daughter especially loves to talk and ask questions about Heaven. However, this is unsettling for my husband. He sees her longing for Heaven as something morbid. How should I balance my approach? I want to be sensitive to him but also instill joy and hope in our children, and answer their questions.

God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice: Why Is This Tough and Controversial Issue Worth Studying and Discussing?

What good can come from studying the mysterious and often upsetting subject of God’s sovereignty and human free will?

I believe one compelling reason to study them is to better understand what we cannot fully understand. And in the case of God’s sovereignty and human choice, while it’s not imperative that I understand everything, it is important that I believe in both.

Even as the Lord Loves

Believer, look back through all your experience, and think of the way in which the Lord your God has led you in the wilderness, and how He has fed and clothed you every day...

You Can Run and You Can Pray”: The Guardian Project Story

Have you ever wondered how as one person, you can make an eternal impact for God’s glory? This testimony from Heidi Boos, one of the founders of the Guardian Project (which has provided the first ever mobile ultrasound unit in Oregon to reach abortion-minded moms) is a powerful reminder of how a Christ follower’s obedience to God’s calling truly can make a difference!

Endorsements and Book Reviews of hand in Hand

Endorsements and Book Reviews of hand in Hand

hand in Hand Small Group Discussion Questions

Use the following questions to stimulate your personal reflection as well as for group discussion. A PDF version with space for writing answers is available as a free download.

Edge Of Eternity: Discussion Questions

Edge of EternityDiscussion questions for Randy's book Edge of Eterntity.

Podcast: Randy Alcorn talking about his book hand in Hand in an interview with the publisher

Randy Alcorn talks about his book hand in Hand in a podcast interview with WaterBrook Multnomah on iTunes, July 2014. You can also click to listen online.

How would you advise pastors to address the topic of giving? (audio)

Randy answers this question during a July 2014 conference call with Kerrick Thomas from Renegade Pastors, an online support network for pastors.

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