What is the difference between the study materials available for The Treasure Principle book?

Comparison Chart for
The Treasure Principle Study Materials


The Treasure Principle Bible Study

TP Bible Study

The Treasure Principle Study DVD 

TP Study DVD

Cost per book

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Length of Study

12 lessons

six—30 minutes sessions

Study directly corresponds with a DVD

The DVD doesn’t directly correspond, but it could be used to enhance the study.


Book includes a Leader’s Guide


Study follows The Treasure Principle book in sequence



Need The Treasure Principle  book to complete study


It is recommended and will enhance the study. However, the study can be done without the book.

Additional information


The DVD also includes the sessions in Spanish.

Treasure Principle Bible Study

  • 90 pages, softcover
  • 12-week study for personal reflection followed by discussion with a partner or group

Treasure Principle Study DVD

  • Video sessions for small groups hosted by Randy Alcorn and Ryan Rush
  • Includes dynamic graphics, special effects, reenactments, historical photographs, and interviews with 'generous givers'
  • One DVD with six 30-minute sessions
  • Includes option of Spanish lessons


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