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¿Puede Dios perdonar el aborto? Extracto de ¿Por qué ser pro-vida? (Will God Forgive Abortions?, Excerpt from Why Pro-Life?)

By Randy Alcorn | April 22, 2015
Millones de mujeres y hombres, tanto en la sociedad y en la iglesia, están sufriendo bajo la culpa del aborto. Cerca de una de cada cinco mujeres que se somete a un aborto se identifica a sí misma como cristiana-evangélica*.Esto significa que cristianos realizan un cuarto de millón de abortos cada año. Muchos de los padres de estos niños son también parte de nuestras iglesias.

Randy Alcorn on Abortion: Too Controversial for Church?

By Randy Alcorn | August 13, 2013
Randy Alcorn speaks with Julia (Stager) Mayo on the issue of whether or not abortion is too controversial to address from the pulpit. Randy filmed this video in support of the Oregon 2014 Citizen Initiative to stop taxpayer funding for abortion. For more information visit their site:

Social Justice

By Randy Alcorn | March 27, 2013
Randy Alcorn discusses the various aspects of social justice and seeing abortion as a social justice issue.

The IUD, Norplant, Depo-Provera, NuvaRing, RU-486, and the Mini-Pill

By Randy Alcorn | February 22, 2013
These birth control methods are often referred to as “contraceptives,” but they are not exclusively contraceptives. That is, they do not always prevent conception. Either sometimes or often they result in the death of already-conceived human beings.

Randy Alcorn Addresses the Attack on Religious and Civil Liberties

By Randy Alcorn | October 25, 2012
In this four-minute video, Randy Alcorn addresses the importance of religious and civil liberties today in America, and reacts to their recent erosion. He specifically outlines his concern regarding the health insurance mandate that requires institutions to provide coverage for abortion and contraceptives of all kinds, including those which cause abortions.