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Why did you write books on Heaven? (video)

Author Randy alcorn, answers the question, "Why did you write books on Heaven?" From an interview with Tyndale Publishers.

I don’t understand your portrayal in The Ishbane Conspiracy of the Harry Potter series

Question from a reader:

My husband and I have long been readers of your fiction, ever since we were introduced to your work through Deadline. We went on to read Dominion aloud together, and since have used your books to begin our own discussions on faith together.

The Promise of Heaven: Stories behind the photos (video)

Randy Alcorn speaks with photographer John MacMurray about the stories behind some of his photos that were used in The Promise of Heaven.

Bring Me the Books

booksI am absolutely convinced that the books one reads possibly help mold one’s life more purposefully and eternally than we ever realize, and that it is the humiliation of the word in our time that has beggared us more than any other factor.

What has been the most challenging work you have written so far?

The most challenging nonfiction has been Heaven. The most challenging fiction has been Dominion.

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