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Americans Getting Transplanted Organs from Chinese Inmates

An increasing number of Americans are traveling to China to receive transplanted kidneys, livers, corneas and other body parts from executed Chinese prisoners.

17 Countries Where Christians are Persecuted

I've edited this based on information from The Bible League, Operation World and other sources. It's intended to help us pray more intelligently for our brothers and sisters.

Safely Home: Chapter 1

Three men watched intently as peculiar events occurred, one right after the other, on opposite sides of the globe.

"What's happening?" asked the first, tall and dark skinned.

What do you think about China being chosen to host the 2008 Olympics?

I have very mixed feelings about the Beijing Olympics. I’m glad because it will put China under the greatest world scrutiny it’s been under in modern times. Since China is extraordinarily image conscious, this may restrain the hand of persecution against believers. Whether or not it does, it will certainly result in the gospel being brought into China, because every Christian athlete, coach, trainer, and support personnel can bring in a gospel witness and many will bring in Chinese gospel literature. They won’t have as much freedom to go about the countryside as with many Olympics, but ...

Will the 2008 Olympics Benefit China’s Persecuted Population?

Alcorn supports the persecuted church around the world through his organization Eternal Perspective Ministries. In spite of the image the Chinese government portrays, Alcorn has found that the Chinese have very limited religious freedom. In fact, a recent Newsweek article reported that Chinese communists demolished approximately 1,500 houses of worship in just six months (“The Changing Face of the Church,” April 16, 2001).

Olympics Could Turn World Attention to Ongoing Persecution in China

Some churches are able to worship freely while other church leaders are being arrested, persecuted and jailed.

Chinese Police Proudly Record Their Torture of Christians

Warning from Randy Alcorn: Parts of this article are disturbing. We are printing it so you can pray for our suffering brothers and sisters, and to answer those who claim Chinese Christians are no longer persecuted.


In the spring of this year, one of Voice of the Martyr’s most trusted contacts brought the following Chinese interrogation and torture photographs to us with documentation. The names of the policemen and the Christians have been independently verified. The photographer, an “insider,” assured the police that these photos of their work would go to their superiors as record of their “conscientious work ...

Safely Home Impacts Christian Kids

It’s the beginning that sets the tone. It needs to touch the heart. It can’t be just another introduction to another class book that students are required to read for a grade.

Looking Up

Scripture reminds us first that our citizenship is in heaven, not here on earth (Philippians 3:20).

One Family Responds to Safely Home

When the night ended, they had enough money in hand to provide over 4,100 Bibles to the people of China.

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