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How Can "Eternity" Be Used for Evangelism and Discipleship?

By Randy Alcorn | July 2, 2013
Randy Alcorn is interviewed by Steve Keels at Good Shepherd Community church and talks about ways to use his graphic novel Eternity as a tool for evangelism and discipleship. He hopes people of all ages and reading levels will enjoy this book. It has a clear gospel message and confronts the reader with concepts of Heaven, Hell, suffering, grace, generosity and much more! 

The Meaning of "Evangelical"

By Randy Alcorn | August 18, 2011
Listen to Randy Alcorn talk on the Bob Dutko show about the changing meaning of "evangelical."      

iKnow Heaven Phone App

By Eternal Perspective Ministries | March 28, 2011
Download the iKnow Heaven phone app, featuring the Heaven IQ quiz.

Are Young Prolife Evangelicals Inconsistent?

By Randy Alcorn, Mark Driscoll | August 12, 2010
In this clip from a 2010 interview Randy Alcorn did with Mark Driscoll for the Resurence Project, Randy talks about young prolife evangelicals.