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Genuine Grace, Unedited Truth: The Need for Christians to Graciously Follow Christ’s Example and Uphold His Word

Mountain climbersThe world is desperately hungry for two things—grace and truth. Jesus Christ is full of both: “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). When Jesus stepped onto the world’s stage, people could not only hear the demands of truth but also see Truth Himself. No longer fleeting glimmers of grace, but Grace Himself.

Why does God reward us? (video)

Like a parent, God delights to reward His children for what they have done. Randy asserts that to want reward is not a selfish thing. He clarifies that selfishness is wanting something at the expense of another, but God's rewards are not limited, so for one person to receive ongoing rewards does not diminish the rewards available to another person. In God's system, everyone gains and no one loses. This video clip was excerpted from Randy's Eternity 101 DVD class, available at http://www.epm.org/store/product/eternity-101/.

Grace and Truth in Parenting (audio)

In this 2 minute audio clip, Randy Alcorn talks about the need for "grace parents" and "truth parents" to learn from each other.

What lesson in grace and truth did you learn from sharing the gospel with your father? (audio)

In this five minute audio clip, Randy talks about how his dad was more closed to the gospel than anyone he'd ever known.

What was your experience of taverns compared to churches when you were growing up? (audio)

In this audio clip from an interview with Hank Hanegraaff, Randy Alcorn answers the question, "What was your experience of taverns compared to churches when you were growing up?"

Randy Alcorn on Bible Answer Man (audio)

Full length interview of Randy Alcorn with "Bible Answer Man" Hank Hanegraaff. This interview focuses on The Grace and Truth Paradox. (2003)

How does understanding God’s grace give us fresh perspective? (audio)

In this 3 minute audio clip, Randy Alcorn talks about gaining a better perspective through understanding the greatness of God's grace.

The Grace and Truth Paradox: Q&A (video)

This video is available on DVD.Randy Alcorn talks about The Grace and Truth Paradox with Pastor Mark Becton of Grove Avenue Baptist Church. Filmed in 2009.

Trusting God’s Sovereign Grace in Tough Times (video)

In this eight and a half minute video, Randy Alcorn answers the question, "What perspective does the Bible give us during this tough economic time?"

How should Christians speak with one another about giving? (video)

In this 9 minute video with comments from both Wayne Grudem and Randy Alcorn, Randy talks about how the body of Christ needs to let its light shine before men, and we need models of every spiritual discipline.

Q&A answered by Randy Alcorn and Wayne Grudem at the 2010 Clarus Conference.

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