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Will we experience time in Heaven?

In this video clip, Randy Alcorn answers the question, "Will we experience time in Heaven?" Original interview aired on the Inspiration Network.

As you continue to write fiction books, what is your greatest source of inspiration for your writing?

I seek to read and think and use my imagination, and improve my writing skills. I ask God for ideas and help, and I sense Him answering those prayers. Whether we build or draw or fix things or make a home for our families, God wants us to yield our gifts to Him, and depend on Him for the next step, even the next breath. I don't always succeed, but that's what I seek to do in my writing.

Setting a Reading Goal

Setting a Reading Goal

Reading rates are down even as literacy rises. Americans can read; we just don’t. Christians tend to read more than non-Christian counterparts, but a quick glance at the book selection in your local Christian bookstore will deflate your bubble of joy.

What factors should we consider in interpreting a passage of Scripture?

Because the inspired writers chose their words to communicate meaning to specific audiences, the interpreter seeks to understand the text as it would most likely have been understood by its original readers

Where in the Bible, specifically, does it claim to be the sole and final rule of faith?

You’re right that my belief in the ultimate authority of Scripture is based not on specific statement, but on the cumulative power of countless passages. (The same is true of the doctrine of the trinity and other major truths.) Among those passages are these:

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