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Are Graphic Pictures Effective in the Abortion Debate?

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform uses a convoy of large trucks to display oversized prolife photographs in their Reproductive Choice Campaign to those on freeways and city streets.

A Life Given . . .

On the Slave Coast of West Africa in 1880, a land governed by witchcraft and superstition and where human life was cheap, torture by poisoning and boiling oil was the order of the day. Twins, believed to be children of the devil, were abandoned to die, and the mothers banished. But into that suffering came a woman who had been afraid to cross the street alone, who once refused to cross a field because there was a cow in it, who was terrified of crowds and public speaking.

Saving Babies and Saving Sinners

I am frustrated that I have only one life to live for Christ. This morning after breakfast I was again distressed, very distressed, at the thought of the thousands of unborn children that are legally crushed to death by sterile medical instruments. I lay down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. The immensity of the horror of bloody little legs and arms and heads dismembered and piled on a clinic mat returned again and again.

A Mother’s Memorial to Her Aborted Child

I am not a brave person. More often than not, when God has a difficult assignment for me, I pull a Moses: “I can’t, Lord!...why me???” Recently He gave me a chance to stretch a little... I needed a root canal. To put it mildly, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect. Yet I made the appointment, knowing I didn’t really have a reasonable alternative.

Communicating the ProLife Message

1. Tailor your presentation to your audience, so you’re speaking to them, not yourself.   

2. Do your homework. The other position can afford to be ignorant of the facts. You can’t.

3. Present the facts logically, clearly and succinctly, citing credible sources, secular whenever possible. (PLA contains hundreds of such sources.)

Early Church Teachings on Abortion

Compiled by Randy Alcorn

“You shall not kill an unborn child or murder a newborn infant.” — Didache

“You shall love your neighbor more than your own life. You shall not slay the child by abortion.” — Barnabas [c. 70-138], Epistles

“For us [Christians], murder is once and for all forbidden; so even the child in womb, while yet the Mother's blood is still being drawn on to form the human being, it is not lawful for us to destroy. To forbid birth is only quicker murder...He is a man, who is to be a man; the fruit is always present in the seed.” — Tertullian, 197, Apologeticus

ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments: Introduction

ProLife Answers to  ProChoice ArgumentsWhen I wrote the first edition of this book in the early 1990s, I wanted to supply people with a carefully researched, highly useable resource. I had no idea the impact it would have. The book sold over 75,000 copies, a huge number for a book on this subject. Most importantly, it has been repeatedly used by thousands of people in their attempts to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Many prolife groups use the book to train their volunteers and their speakers. College ethics classes use it as a textbook. I have received letters from hundreds of high school and college students who’ve used the book to help them prepare speeches or write term papers and editorials for their school newspapers. I’ve spoken to three thousand public high school students at a single convention, distributing free copies of the book, which they eagerly snatched up. Pastors have asked to use it in their sermons, people write and ask if they can use it to construct letters to newspapers, family members, and representatives. (The answer is always yes.)

What “Prolife” Means

  • To be prolife is to recognize the inherent dignity and value of every individual human life.
  • To be prolife is to acknowledge that all of us are created equal and endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to life and that governments are instituted to secure that right, as stated in our beloved Declaration of Independence.
  • To be prolife is to understand that abortion is the direct and deliberate killing of a baby prior to birth, an act that can never be justified. It is to know that medical procedures necessary to save a mother’s life, that cause ...

54 Babies

Where Route 71 crosses over Payton Drive, at the bottom of the steeply sloping embankment, two boys, who were playing nearby, found the boxes. The boys bicycled home and said they had found boxes of “babies.”

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