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Do you think that Leviticus 17 is a biblical basis for belief that life begins at implantation?

These passages are not attempting to teach a theology of when human life begins and should not be used in support of abortion at any stage.


What Makes a Human Life “Meaningful”?

What Makes a Human Life "Meaningful"?

Who determines which lives are meaningful and which aren’t? The answer, always, is that powerful people decide whether weaker people’s lives are meaningful.

What do you think about invitro fertilization, frozen embryos, etc.?

What do you think about invitro fertilization, frozen embryos, etc.?

There is substantial scientific reason to believe frozen embryos are persons and should be granted the same rights as older, larger, and less vulnerable persons.

What do you think of the progestin only pill as a contraceptive while nursing?

The so-called mini-pill is the least reliable in suppressing ovulation. Therefore, its mechanism of action is more likely to be post-ovulatory—that is, abortifacient.

Why doesn’t Focus on the Family take a definitive stand against the birth control pill?

I am a family physician and professor at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. I am also one of the physicians on the Physicians Resource Council (PRC) at Focus on the Family.

Why don’t people believe the pill is abortive?

Perhaps your doctor is uninformed and hasn’t read information on the possible abortifacient aspect of the pill.

Why does Focus on the Family take a stand against emergency contraception (EC) but not the birth control pill (BCP)?

There is (at least in my mind and many others) an inconsistency in our position statement. I believe that there is considerable evidence that so-called birth control pills (BCPs) do have a significant post-ovulatory (abortifacient) effect. 

When Does Each Human Life Begin?: The Answer of Science

Science confirms exactly what Scripture demonstrates, that there is a point at which human life does not exist and then is suddenly created by God. In Science this is known as the point of conception.

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