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What was it like writing your first book?

Randy Alcorn talks about writing his first book. 

Unity in Tough Times: Randy Alcorn at ICRS 2010

Randy Alcorn speaking at the 2010 International Christian Retailers' Show.

How is music a part of your writing process?

Randy Alcorn answers the question, "How is music a part of your writing process?"

The Influence of C.S. Lewis On My Life (Abbreviated Version)

In this 8-minute video, Randy talks about how he first read books by C.S. Lewis as a young Christian, and how Lewis baptized his imagination and shaped him as a writer.

Why do you quote the Bible so much in your books?

In this one-minute clip, Randy talks about how God has promised that His word will not return to Him empty.

Q&A: Multiple Writing Projects

Does Randy work on more than one book project at a time? What is his writing process like?

Randy’s Insights on Writing Inspirational Fiction

Randy's Insights on Writing Inspirational Fiction

Don’t buy the myth that writing is easy.

It’s not. I heard one author say, “Writing is like giving birth to barbed wire.” Others say writing is 5 percent inspiration and 95 percent perspiration. Books that were easy to write are invariably hard to read. Some writers seem so natural, so effortless. Don’t be fooled. It takes a lot of effort to appear effortless. With everything else competing for your reader’s attention, you must work to earn it. Many people say they want to write a book, but what they really want is to have written a book. Big difference!

How did your study of Heaven influence scenes of Heaven in your novel?

Randy Alcorn answers the question, "How did your study of Heaven influence the scenes in your novel?"

So You Want to Be a Writer?

The cliché answer is probably the best one—if you want to write, write.

Publishing Advice and Randy‚Äôs Recommended Books on Writing

Books about writing fiction:

Stein on Writing by Sol Stein  

Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne & King  

Scene & Structure (How to Construct Fiction with Scene by Scene Flow, Logic and Readability) by Bickman  

The Complete Guide to Writing and Selling the Christian Novel by Penelope Stokes  

How to Grow a Novel by Sol Stein  

Show, Don’t Tell by William Noble 

Books about writing:

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace by Joseph Williams and Gregory Colomb

Make Your Own Words Work by Gary Provost  

The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes by Jack M. Bickham  

On Writing Well by ...

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