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Courageous Novel Giveaway

By Stephanie Anderson | September 30, 2011
In honor of the Courageous movie being released in theaters, this weekend we're giving away six signed copies of the bestselling Courageous novel, which includes photos from the movie. Will you be going to see the movie this weekend?

The Time Is Ripe for Courageous

By Randy Alcorn | September 28, 2011
The more people show up opening weekend, the longer it will stay in the theaters and the more lives it will touch!

Writing the Courageous Novel

By Randy Alcorn | September 14, 2011
The challenge is to be 100 percent true to the movie and yet still develop a compelling part of a larger storyline that’s not in the movie.

Book Giveaway: Courageous

By Stephanie Anderson | August 12, 2011
For those of you who have been patiently waiting for a new Randy Alcorn novel, you’re in for a treat: his new novel Courageous, written with Alex and Stephen Kendrick, released August 1!

The Importance of Fathers

By Randy Alcorn | August 1, 2011
Fathers are their children’s first pastors—the most influential humans in terms of life direction. Children are shaped by their father’s love or hate, interest or disinterest, presence or absence.

A Christ-centered Marriage Is Christ-centered Parenting

By Randy Alcorn | November 17, 2010
I recently read what I would call a GREAT book on parenting: Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting, William P. Farley (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2009).