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Book Giveaway of the Month: Dominion

By Stephanie Anderson | February 9, 2009
February is Black History Month, so we are giving away three signed copies of Randy’s novel Dominion, a dramatic story of spiritual searching, racial reconciliation, and hope.

Deadline Book Giveaway

By Stephanie Anderson | October 6, 2008
It’s been a couple of months since we’ve given away a fiction book, so I’m excited to let you know that in October we’re giving away three copies of Randy’s novel Deadline.

TouchPoints: Heaven Book Giveaway

By Stephanie Anderson | September 8, 2008
We all have questions about what Heaven will be like. Now, TouchPoints: Heaven puts God’s answers to your most probing questions about Heaven and the New Earth right at your fingertips.

Book Giveaway of the Month: Heaven

By Stephanie Anderson | April 7, 2008
I’ve been looking forward to featuring Heaven as this month’s book giveaway simply because of the many wonderful reader responses to the book we’ve received such as this recent one.