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A Nugget from One of C.S. Lewis's Letters

In this panel discussion with Desiring God in 2013, Randy Alcorn shares about some of C.S. Lewis' writings and why they are special to him. Watch the complete panel discussion here

C.S. Lewis and How He Pointed to the Gospel

In this panel discussion with Desiring God in 2013, Randy Alcorn discusses C.S. Lewis  and his how his life and writings pointed to the gospel. Watch the complete panel discussion here

Is God Happy?

Before creatures ever came into the equation, what was God like? His basic persona and His character, that’s who He is. 

Did Jesus Have a Sin Nature?

First, we need to define sin nature. The “nature” of a person or object is commonly thought of as its essential qualities or attributes; that which makes it what it is. 

Why isn’t Jesus still in Hell?

Question from a reader:

If the penalty of sin is eternal conscious physical torment, wouldn’t Christ have to still be suffering today in order to pay the debt? 

Randy Alcorn on the Chris Fabry Show talking about visit-to-Heaven books

Randy speaks as a guest on the Chris Fabry Live radio show (August 15, 2013) about visit-to-heaven books. He shares about Dr. Eben Alexander's popular book Proof of Heaven and explains why he believes every near-death (or supposed “after-death”) experience must be evaluated in light of God’s Word.

Is Love God’s Defining Attribute?

Certainly love is a very important attribute of God. God is love, we’re told in 1 John 4:16, so in some senses it is a defining quality of God. However, this does not minimize His other qualities.