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What role do organizations play in spreading hope? (audio)

In this audio clip, Randy Alcorn addresses the role of organizations and the role of the church.

How would you encourage pastors in the face of materialism and consumerism? (audio)

Randy Alcorn asnwers the question, "How would you encourage pastors in the face of materialism and consumerism?"

The Local Church: Training You for Ministry

It is God’s will that you be active in life-long ministry, in your church. You are called to edify, build up and encourage a local body of believers by utilizing your own unique giftings by the power of the Spirit. How are you to be equipped for this ministry? Through the ministry of the local church itself.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness: A Hymn for Ordinary Christians

inside churchThe story behind "Great is Thy Faithfulness" should encourage every Christian who thinks of their life as ordinary. There’s no tragic story (think “It Is Well” by Horatio Spafford) associated with this hymn. It’s just the fruit of a faithful man with a simple faith in a faithful God.

Thomas Chisholm, who sometimes described himself as “just an old shoe,” was born in a Kentucky log cabin in 1866. He was converted when he was 27, became a pastor at 36, but had to retire one year later due to poor health. He spent the majority of the rest of his life as a life insurance agent in New Jersey. He died in 1960 at the age of 93. During his life he wrote over 1200 poems, most of which no one will ever hear.

The Church: Don’t Give Up on God’s Plan

ChurchI tire of the incessant church-bashing and endless tales of people disillusioned with their churches. Yes, Christians can be jerks, and we’ve all had rough times in churches, largely because they consist of people too much like us: sinner-jerks in need of grace and truth and growth.

The problem is, Jesus calls the church his bride. He died for her, and says that ultimately the gates of hell won’t prevail against her. So if you give up on the church, you give up on God’s plan.

Why should the local church be important to us? (video)

In this six minute clip, Randy Alcorn answers the question, "Why should the local church be important to us?" at a Cannon Beach Conference Center Retreat.

What would you say to those who have given up on church? (audio/video)

In this nine minute clip, Randy Alcorn addresses those who have given up on or want to give up the church.

Five Central Teachings of the Protestant Reformation

What does it mean to be a Protestant? These are five of the major teachings of the reformers by which they distinguished their beliefs from those of the Roman Catholic church of their day.

How do you know if a church is charismatic?

While we do not regard ourselves a charismatic church, we do not wish to be known as “anti-charismatic.” What we do insist upon is a spirit of love and unity, the total sufficiency of Christ, and the final authority of the Scriptures.

Is the gift of prophecy in the church today handled carefully and with discernment?

Scripture gives us an often-neglected guideline regarding prophetic utterance that is clear and can and should be implemented in churches.

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