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How do you defend the Christian worldview? (audio)

In this audio Q&A, Randy answers the question "How do you defend the Christian worldview?"

Social Justice (video)

Randy Alcorn discusses the various aspects of social justice and seeing abortion as a social justice issue.

Should employers be required to insure contraceptives? (video)

Randy Alcorn addresses the issue of religious liberties and mandating religious institutions to cover contraceptives that could cause an abortion.

Conversation: Biblical Inerrancy and Christian Universities (video)

Randy discusses the disconcerting trend of Christian universities departing from the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

Conversation: The Significance of Doctrine (video)

Randy Alcorn discusses the significance of doctrine in a world that increasingly values novelty and subjectivity.

Conversation: The Importance of Life Stories (video)

Randy's thoughts on the current trend of seeing each person's life as a "story"

The Crucial Question Related to the Affordable Care Act: Does Human Life Begin at Conception or Implantation?

The Affordable Care Act, and when human life beginsThere has been a great deal of confusion about what exactly the Affordable Care Act mandates in regards to abortion and contraceptives. Here’s an attempt to clear the waters, though I’m certain some commenters will disagree, since no matter what you say about this, you can always find websites that confidently proclaim something different! :)

What’s a Marriage? Does It Matter Whether There’s a Man and a Woman?

Mary KassianMary Kassian answers the question of how a marriage is properly defined. I appreciate her thoughts. 

Why the Hobby Lobby Case Matters

Hobby LobbyKevin DeYoung is a pastor and an excellent writer. His blog is one of my favorites. I’ve talked about the Hobby Lobby case before, but asked Kevin’s permission to repost his blog: 

Why You Should Care About the Hobby Lobby Case—And Be Alarmed

Perspectives on Louie Giglio, the Homosexual Issue and What It Means to Be a Christ-Follower in This Culture

Louie GiglioLast Thursday the internet exploded with the Louie Giglio “scandal.” What was this outrageous revelation? An eighteen-year-old recording of a sermon Louie preached. His sermon actually shows that—wait for it—this Christian pastor believed and taught what the Bible has said, and virtually all Christians have believed, for two thousand years.


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