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Will we achieve eternal youth and beauty in Heaven?

Question from a reader:

I am wondering what Bible scripture references you are referring to when you say, "the gospel promises us eternal youthfulness and beauty." I am familiar with the scriptures that tell us about no more pain, suffering, etc. but have never heard scriptures that promise eternal youthfulness and beauty.

Can names ever be removed from the Book of Life?

Question from a reader:

I have been reading some conflicting opinions concerning the Book of Life and the Lamb's Book of Life. Some say they are the same. Others say the Book of Life has the names of everyone living and that names can be blotted out, and that the Lamb’s Book of Life contains the names of born again believers and those names are eternally secure. What do you think?

Will there be a military in Heaven?

Question from a reader:

Do you believe that there will be a military or armed forces in Heaven? I realize that we will not need them other than the Battle of Armageddon, or the final rebellion after Satan is released from the bottomless pit. Do you think that there will be a military, mainly to teach believers self-discipline instead of preparing for war?

Heaven Is for Real, the Movie

Heaven Is for Real movie, Todd and Colton BurpoSince I’ve written a book on what the Bible says about Heaven (though I’ve never been there), I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the Heaven Is for Real book, and now the movie.

Meteor Showers and the New Heavens

Watching the night sky | photo credit: j-dub1980(THANK YOU FOR 100k+ Views) via photopin ccAt 2:30 a.m., on November 19, 2002, I stood on our deck gazing up at the night sky. Above me was the Leonid meteor shower, the finest display of celestial fireworks until the year 2096. For someone who has enjoyed meteor showers since he was a kid, this was the celestial event of a lifetime. There was only one problem: clouds covered the Oregon sky.

Living for What Will Matter Thirty Million Years from Now

Live for the Line

Your life on earth is a dot. From that dot extends a line that goes on for all eternity. Right now you’re living in the dot. But what are you living for? Are you living for the dot or for the line? Are you living for earth or for heaven?

How can I comfort a friend who lost one of her unbelieving parents?

Question from a reader:

I will be attending a memorial service for a dear friend’s mother who was not a Christian. Her father is devastated, even though she had battled cancer for nine years. How can I offer hope at such a time?  

Is it possible for babies to be born in Heaven?

Question from a reader:

Though there is no marriage between man and woman in Heaven, is it possible for a woman to be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, as Mary was, and give birth in Heaven? I think of all the women here on Earth who are unable to conceive, and I love babies so much that I can’t image a Heaven where there aren’t newborns.

Will We Recognize Each Other in Heaven?

Friends / Will we recognize each other in Heaven?When asked if we would recognize friends in Heaven, George MacDonald responded, “Shall we be greater fools in Paradise than we are here?” Yet many people wonder whether we’ll know each other in Heaven. What lies behind that question is Christoplatonism and the false assumption that in Heaven we’ll be disembodied spirits who lose our identities and memories. 


Do you think it’s possible that in Heaven the Holy Spirit could come upon women like He did with Mary and allow them to conceive?

Question from a reader:

Do you think it’s possible that in Heaven the Holy Spirit could come upon women like He did with Mary and allow them to conceive? What a joy that would be for all the women who longed to conceive but never did.

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