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Milestones for Meaningful Relationships


I am a Christian homosexual who has always been in a monogamous relationship. Why can’t this be as acceptable as a heterosexual married couple committed to only one person?

Now, even when and where society legalizes homosexual marriage, this does not mean God recognizes it as a marriage. If society legalized marriage between an adult male and a six year old girl, God is not bound to recognize it as marriage and withdraw his judgment that this is perverse. If society legalized marriage between a man and his sister, this would not thereby change God's revealed will on the sin of incest.

Living in a Modern Corinth: Actively Pursuing Purity in a Sex-saturated World

Randy Alcorn spoke with Building Church Leaders on the importance of sexual integrity for churches, leaders, and families today.

Endorsements and Book Reviews of The Purity Principle

The Purity Principle

The Purity Principle is a short book full of wise advice, straight to the point stating the obvious but often overlooked message that ‘Purity is smart and Impurity is stupid’—can it get any simpler than that?”

Published in 2003 by Multnomah, Randy Alcorn’s The Purity Principle: God’s Safeguards for Life’s Dangerous Trails is as relative and pertinent today (maybe even more so) than when it was first published. The message in this book is timeless, obvious, and wise.

How do I relate to my daughter who moved in with her boyfriend?

How do I relate to my daughter when I see her now that she has chosen to move in with her boyfriend instead of abiding by our house rules?

My heart goes out to you and the pain you are experiencing. You are grieving a loss right now and Im sure you have many mixed emotions. There is no better answer than to wait on the Lord and be immersed in His word and His promises to you.

It would be good if you could sit down with your daughter and her boyfriend and lay everything out on the ...

How do you know whether or not someone who is homosexual and claims to know Jesus is truly a Christian?

Question from a reader:

How do you know whether or not someone who is homosexual and claims to know Jesus is truly a Christian? You say at the end of your article about the End of the Spear controversy, “How I would love to one day embrace actor Chad Allen as my brother.” How do you know he is not your brother already? Because he is gay? I am a Christian and am gay myself. The fact that he happens to be gay is so incredibly insignificant.

P. S. I’m also always perplexed by the term “gay activist” since ...

How can I overcome masturbation?

The problem with masturbation isnt that the body is wrong or the sex drive is wrong (God created both), but that masturbation involves lust, which Jesus specifically condemned as a sexual sin.

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