When the Pastor Came to Dinner

When I was dating my wife Nanci in high school, and had dinner with her parents, her dad and mom first told me this story. In years to come, I heard it a number of other times. I found it charming and funny, and just like Nanci! I asked her to write it up so you could enjoy it too.

10-year-old Isaiah Read About Heaven and Is Now Experiencing It Firsthand

A friend shared this story and blog with me, about a precious family, the Simaos, who lost their son Isaiah last year after a tragic horseback riding accident. Isaiah’s oldest sister Sydney has written about their family’s experience and grief.

Encouragement to Men to Lead Their Families Spiritually

I would challenge men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. What does that look like on a daily basis? Open God’s Word with your wife, your children, and your grandchildren. Pray with them, talk with them, and guide them. 

Poor Interpretation Lets Us “Believe” the Bible While Denying What It Actually Says

As people respond to my books, ask questions, and state opinions through emails and social media, I’m struck with how many say they believe the Bible, but their interpretations are so out of line with credible biblical meanings that their profession of confidence in Scripture becomes meaningless, and even dangerous.