When It Comes to God’s Truth, Searching or Being Sincere Isn’t Enough

Suppose a professor or inspirational speaker says, “What’s important isn’t finding the truth, it’s searching for it.” Try applying the same logic to your search for a life preserver when you’re drowning!

If You Read Only One Book Besides the Bible This Summer, Make It This One

In the two-minute video in this blog, teacher and author Jen Wilkin answers the question, “Which book do you wish every Christian would read, and why?” 

Some Concerns about Jesus Calling, and Thoughts on the Sufficiency of Scripture

Few Christian books have sold as well and been shared as widely as Sarah Young’s devotional Jesus Calling. Given the widespread influence of her books, which is only growing, it seemed time to address some concerns directly on my own blog. 

In Honor of Karen Stout Coleman, Beloved EPM Coworker and Friend

On Sunday, June 10, at 10:45 a.m., Karen Stout Coleman went to be with Jesus. This amazing sister has been a dear friend to us, full of grace and truth in the face of hardships, never losing her wit and humor, quietly saying the funniest and wisest things. She is truly one of my heroes.