Raising Our Children to Be Givers in a Culture Infected by Affluenza

Even many children in Christian families don’t see their parents give and are not taught and encouraged to give themselves. So they become keepers and accumulators, and essentially self-preoccupied materialists.

The Miracle of the Incarnation

The miracle of the cross was made possible by the miracle of the incarnation. The angels must have been stunned to see the second member of the triune God become a human being.

How to Care for Those Who Are Suffering and Grieving at Christmastime

Several friends have recently had their close loved ones die. I appreciate these five points from Vaneetha Rendall Risner, a dear sister who has experienced much suffering, on how to minister to others in need. 

Thank You, Kathy Norquist, for Your 21 Years at EPM!

Kathy Norquist, who served with our ministry for over two decades, retired from Eternal Perspective Ministries this past September. Many of you who have been touched by EPM over the years have come to know and appreciate Kathy.