The Growing Body of Research Says Yes, Your Smartphone Really Is Changing You and Your Family

One of my favorite bloggers, Tim Challies, linked to a fascinating article in his daily A La Carte feature. Here are some notable sections from it about the impact smartphones are having on our lives and minds.

Enjoying God’s Creation in Maui, and Trusting in His Sovereignty for What Lies Ahead

If you receive EPM’s prayer updates by email, you know that earlier this year, Nanci was diagnosed with colon cancer. We’re both in good spirits, talking often of God’s grace and sovereignty and that we can fully trust Him in whatever is ahead. 

Learn to Pace Your Life Race

Life is not a sprint to be run with reckless abandon. It is a marathon to be run with care and thoughtfulness, saving bursts of speed for when they are necessary, but allowing time to recover before the next burst. 

A Challenge for American Believers to Remember and Write for the Rest of the World, Too

We don’t have to feel badly about writing specifically to people who live in places and situations similar to us, but there is power in focusing on God’s Word and writing about how it applies to our lives, regardless of where and how we live.