Young Adults with Down Syndrome Speak Out: “Our Lives Are Worth Living, Too”

I was touched by a video of Charlotte Fien, a British young woman who eloquently challenged a UN “expert” on human rights who advocates for aborting Down syndrome babies.

Of Marriage and Uprooting Our Idols: Three Pieces of Advice for Newlywed Women

What Shauna Hernandez, a beloved member of our EPM team, has to share here is wise, insightful, and transparent. I think it’s helpful not only for newlyweds, but also those who’ve been married for many years.

A Quiet Place and Our Silencing of the Unborn

Nanci and I saw The Quiet Place, which I don’t recommend unless you like 90 minutes of tension and dread. But if you can put up with the terror, there are some strong family values in this movie. One in particular, an emphatic prolife message, is celebrated in this article by Greg Morse.

Paul Young’s “Lies We Believe About God” Dismantles Precious Truths from Scripture

Last year, Paul Young, author of The Shack, had a book come out called Lies We Believe About God. Ironically, many of the doctrinal concerns that I and many others expressed about The Shack have proven to be true.