Positive News We All Need to Hear about What God Is Doing Around the World

We’re continually bombarded by “news” (sometimes more sensational than informative) that dwells on the sufferings and tragedies of life. This unceasing avalanche of bad news, as well as rampant political tribalism, suspicion, and critical opinions, can quickly bury what Scripture calls “the good news of happiness” (Isaiah 52:7).

Husbands, We’re Called to Help Our Wives Grow in Christ

Men, one of the best possible things we can do for our wives and children (and ourselves!) is to share with them great resources to help them grow in Christ.

What Are the “High Places” in the Old Testament, and How Does That Apply to Us Today?

The “high places” is a shorthand term for places of pagan worship, usually (though not always) on hills or mountains to bring them closer to their false gods. They were centers of idolatry. The greatest time of compromise for God’s people in the Old Testament, the Israelites, was when in addition to worshiping Yahweh, the only true God, they worshipped false gods too.

Delighting in God and Trusting in Him through Cancer: An Interview with Randy Alcorn

In January 2018, Nanci Alcorn was diagnosed with colon cancer, and has since undergone several months of treatment. In this interview, Randy shares what the Lord has been doing in their lives during this challenging season.