God’s Greatest Miracles Happen in and Around Us All the Time

Our Lord transforming human hearts, through stunning acts done daily around the globe, is every bit as miraculous as Jesus transforming water into wine. In fact, these redemptive acts make the dividing of the Red Sea, the falling walls of Jericho, and the raising of Lazarus from the dead actually pale in comparison.

I Couldn’t Call God “Father”: An Iranian Woman’s Journey of Faith

Today’s guest blog is by Nadia (not her real name), one of many Iranian women who’ve been touched by the liberating and restoring love of Christ. 

Self-Control and the Battle for Our Minds

While Scripture does not say as much as we’d like about circumstance-control, it says a great deal more than we like about self-control. 

Not Just Vermin or Garbage: Our Calling to Reach Street Children in Jesus’ Name

One hundred million extremely underprivileged and street children struggle for existence in today’s cities. One hundred million! Are these children trash? Local businessmen in Brazil call them “Vermin, garbage. If we let them grow up, they will be criminals, a blight on our society.”