How Should We Approach Debt?

Why do I receive mailings telling me that $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 has already been approved for me and to receive it I need only send in the enclosed agreement? Why do banks and credit companies beg me to borrow from them, listing dozens of ways I could use the money? Why are people so anxious to lend me money? The answer is simple—they want me to borrow because they will make a lot of money from my debt.

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He Who Never Forsakes You Will Restore Your Soul

I love the psalms, because of their beauty and because the wide range of emotions they contain grant us permission to express to God our honest questions, doubts, griefs, and despair. My friend Jon Bloom, board chair and co-founder of Desiring God, wrote about two back-to-back psalms and the powerful message their proximity expresses.

When Weakness and Limitations Make You Feel You Don’t Have Much to Offer

Back when I started my blog, I recommended the excellent book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris, who are both Christ-centered young men of character and vision.  A few years ago, Brett’s wife Ana was diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease. Life has been extremely difficult for them, but I’ve been touched by their faith in Jesus and commitment to each other throughout their trials.

Don’t Be Afraid of Trying and Failing

Most of us aren’t professional athletes, but career disappointments and personal failures in family relationships and whatever we do are just some of the many ways we become disillusioned. Listen to quarterback Nick Foles talk about how past failures have shaped him as a person.