What Does Christmas Mean To Me? Randy Alcorn's Responses to Questions

Christmas is coming. We live our lives between the first Christmas and the second. We look back to that first Christmas and the life of Jesus on the earth for some 33 years—but we look forward to the Christmas in which the resurrected Christ will return and we, his resurrected people, will live with him forever on the New Earth. And right when we think “It doesn’t get any better than this” will!

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Thank You, Kathy Norquist, for Your 21 Years at EPM!

Kathy Norquist, who served with our ministry for over two decades, retired from Eternal Perspective Ministries this past September. Many of you who have been touched by EPM over the years have come to know and appreciate Kathy.

Jesus Changes Everything

By a miracle of grace, Jesus touched me deeply, gave me a new heart, and utterly transformed my life. Forty-nine years later, He’s still unveiling Himself and changing me into His image and likeness. 

Como Pastores Podem Modelar e Ensinar o que a Palavra de Deus diz Sobre a Mordomia Financeira (How Pastors Can Model and Teach What God’s Word Says About Financial Stewardship)

A maneira como administramos o dinheiro de Deus é um assunto bíblico central de extrema importância. Portanto, a mordomia financeira deve ser abordada por líderes cristãos sem necessidade de justificativas— nós que somos chamados a “anunciar todo o desígnio de Deus” ao povo que Ele nos confia (Atos 20.27).