Eternal Perspective Ministries: What You Need to Know

Eternal Perspective Ministries

What is Eternal Perspective Ministries, and how is it connected to author Randy Alcorn?

Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM) is a Bible-believing, Christ-centered nonprofit organization with two goals: one, to teach the principles of God’s Word, emphasizing an eternal viewpoint; two, to reach the needy in Christ’s name. 

Randy Alcorn founded EPM in 1990, and he continues to direct the ministry. is his official website. (See the story of how our ministry began.)

What happens to the royalties from Randy’s books?

All of the book royalties are owned by EPM, and 100% are used for ministry purposes: 90% is given to other worthy Christian organizations and 10% goes to EPM to help offset the costs related to the writing/researching/editing of Randy’s books, as well as to help facilitate the giving away of our books to people all over the world. 

Since EPM began, by God’s grace we have given over nine million dollars to ministries around the world. (See a list of organizations we support and/or recommend.)

Also, those wishing to give funds to Christian work can give to one of EPM’s special funds knowing 100% of all contributions will go to carefully chosen ministries. (See our donation page for more information on the funds.) Our general fund receives no percentage of these donations.

How is the ministry supported?

We are supported through the generous support of our donors. Some give larger one-time donations, while a core group of supporters regularly give smaller amounts to our ministry. We’re grateful for every contribution and the investment in God’s Kingdom that it represents. (We’ve been asked over the years, “Why don’t you fund Eternal Perspective Ministries through the book royalties, and not receive donations?” Here’s the answer.)

If God does lay on your heart to give to our ministry, or to pray for us (the greatest gift you can offer), know that we deeply appreciate it. If you decide either to regularly or periodically support EPM, you can do so at our donation page.

A statement of EPM’s income and expenditures, including staff salaries and benefits, and other distributions of funds, is available to anyone on request. Other than donors’ individual giving records, which are confidential, the remainder of EPM’s finances is open to anyone interested.

How does making a purchase from EPM’s store make a difference?

The profits from the books and products we sell are used to directly fund our ministry expenses and the work of our staff. This frees up to continue giving away 100% of the royalties from Randy’s books.

We deeply appreciate our customers. Thank you for being a vital part of our ministry!

What do your staff do at EPM?

Simply put, we keep the ministry running and support Randy. (Some readers are surprised to learn that we are a relatively small ministry, with a part-time staff of fewer than 10 and Randy being our only full-time employee.)

Much of our time is taken up connecting with people, mostly through social media and email. They may want to order books, tell us how God has used a book in their life, or ask a question related to an issue Randy has written about.

Our outreach to prisoners is another significant part of EPM. Every month, we send hundreds of Randy’s books to prisoners across the U.S. who request them.

Each staff member has a slightly different role to play in supporting Randy in his work, from handling his correspondence, assisting with editing, helping with his blog, overseeing the giving of the royalties, and so much more.

We’re grateful to be a team united by our desire to glorify Jesus and share an eternal perspective!